Sales are now closed for this year's 50 Bites promotion ... but 50 Bites will return in Fall 2016!

Atlantic City Weekly’s 50+ Things You Have to Eat in Atlantic City

Last year AC Weekly brought you the awesome and quite satisfying interactive event 50 Bites, where Scott Cronick selected the 50 Things that everyone should eat in Atlantic City before they die.

This year, however, it’s back – and it’s bigger than before. Get ready for 50 Bites+!

This time around, there will be more than 50 bites in more than 50 places – and we even venture a bit outside of Atlantic City and into Atlantic County – where so many restaurants there got jealous that they weren’t in on the fun in 2015.

Yes, passes are still 50 Bucks or two for $90 – even though there are more than 50 Places! It’s now 62 Places!

All-access passes entitle you to try sample versions of all 50 Bites+ starting Oct. 13 through Dec. 1. Just show the pass when you visit every restaurant on the list to receive their sample bite. Those with passes will be entitled to inexpensive upgrades to full portions, drink specials and much more – such as $4 beers, $5 house wines and $6 house cocktails in Tango’s and 10 North at Tropicana and free admission to Boogie Nights on Thursdays and Fridays, or $7 Sake Mojitos at Izakaya at Borgata.

The 50 Bites + will be revealed on Sept. 22, which is also when you can order your passes online. Another bonus: a portion of all proceeds will go to the South Jersey Chefs Association and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Southern Branch.

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Need more convincing? Read our FAQ for everything you need to know about 50 Bites+. 50 Days. 50 Bucks.

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As most of you know, 50 Bites added a little + to its name this year. The + was a way to let everybody know that this year’s version of the promo would be bigger and better than anything you had seen before. What that ultimately meant was more Bites.


Ok, so it has actually happened. We have passed the point of no return. More days have passed in the 50 Bites+ promotion than are left. This means it’s time to get serious. No more acting like youth is on our side, for this promo is quickly nearing its golden years. No more of those innocent…


It’s Week 3 now of the 50 Bites+ promotion, and we imagine most of you are really starting to work your way into the groove of this whole thing nicely by now. We hope you are running through casinos, lanyard in hand, or darting down the streets of the city and its surrounding area, high fivi…

FantaSea Resorts, 60 N. Maine Ave.


Blue Water Flatbread

Spinach, roasted red pepper, mozzarella, basil pesto.

Gardner’s Basin, 800 N. New Hampshire Ave.


Cream of Crab Soup

Delicious lump crab simmered in a sweet cream base, house specialty.