Trop Beer Week

One of the featured events at Tropicana’s inaugural Beer Week is the 
Goose Island Beer Dinner at FIN on Jan. 17.

By Ray Schweibert
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Author and local beer aficionado Gary Monterosso articulates in print that the modern beer world “has grown far beyond the common pilsener-style beers brewed by the millions of barrels by conglomerate breweries,” and that today’s craft brews “rival wine in complexity, variety and sophistication.”

The fervor has also given way to a host of lively local events with beer motifs, the latest of which is the Tropicana Beer Week coming Sunday through Friday, Jan. 13-18.

The festivities include beer tastings and pairings, live music, beer-related specials at multiple venues throughout the property, and educational elements hosted by Monterosso and fellow beer expert Tara Nurin. Attendees can obtain a “beer tour card” and earn a collector pilsner glass at Signatures (while supplies last) with six purchases at Beer Week, which the Trop intends to grow into an annual event.

“We are thrilled to have beer experts Tara Nurin and Gary Monterosso here to host our events,” says Tropicana general manager Steve Callender. “Tropicana’s Beer Week is an opportunity to showcase our partners and the variety of beer we have to offer.”

One of the featured events is the Goose Island Beer Dinner (see a complete menu at that Monterosso hosts at FIN restaurant on Thursday, Jan. 17, at 6:30pm. It includes a six-course meal paired with seven beers from the Goose Island craft brewery at an all-inclusive cost of $65 per person.

“All the beers are coming from Goose Island out of Chicago, which really is one of the nation’s top craft breweries whose distribution rights were taken over by Anheuser-Busch,” says Monterosso.

“And while that may lead some to think ‘Oh God, are the big guys taking over?’ there’s a positive aspect to it, and that is that here on the East Coast we’re now able to try their beers. Ordinarily we couldn’t get Goose Island, but because of A-B’s relationship with them, and Harrison Beverage [of Pleasantville] being our local A-B distributor, we’re now able to get Goose Island beer. Actually I think they debuted here in New Jersey at the 2011 Atlantic City Beer Fest, but this will make their products more readily available to us.”

After the FIN beer dinner, Monterosso — whose enthusiasm for beer may rival that of Bubba for shrimp in Forrest Gump — heads to Firewaters in the Trop to conduct a free two-hour seminar starting 7pm. 

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