Farewell to ‘Twilight’ Time

Series ends with a Twihard approved finale, but not before a twist that had fans moaning

By Lori Hoffman
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Breaking Dawn, Part II.

Twihards, don’t rip my head off for saying this, but I enjoyed your reaction to the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, Part II more than the actual movie, although it was a major improvement over the SNL spoof that was Breaking Dawn Part I.

Director Bill Condon and screenwriter  Melissa Rosenberg concocted a scary little plot twist to freak out Twihards during the final Cullen family feud with the icy Volturi. This twist turned the theater into a talk-back-at-the-screen audience participation event  the likes of which I hadn’t seen since viewing a center city Philadelphia screening of the original horror classic Halloween  over thirty years ago.

The distressed fans were yelling at the screen at each disturbing moment, literally moaning as they saw their beloved characters overwhelmed by the bad guys and in turn cheering when vengeance was earned.

Twihards, I salute you for your passion; as a lifelong film fanatic it is a passion I have been lucky enough to channel into the workplace as a film critic for the past 37 years.

Now back to the “job” part. Breaking Dawn Part II stretches the credibility of the Twilight universe with an ambience of designed absurdity on top of the obviously planned laughs. There is plenty of fun to be had in the final chapter, a necessary change since the whole intense Bella, Edward and Jacob romantic triangle has been long settled.

Seeing Bella (Kristen Stewart) enjoying her vampire gifts under the amused, watchful eye of Edward (Robert Pattinson) and exploring her power, while learning to control her thirst for blood, makes for an enjoyable opening portion of the film

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