Miss America Coming Home to Atlantic City

The long time Atlantic City-based pageant is leaving Las Vegas for a return to the Boardwalk

By Lori Hoffman
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ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY — The classic Miss America theme song, "There She Is Miss America," with its lyrics — “The dream of a million girls who are more than pretty can come true in Atlantic City” — is relevant once again.

The Miss America Pageant is headed back to Atlantic City.

The Atlantic City region was shocked when the pageant packed up and headed west to Las Vegas in 2006. However, the pageant organization remained based locally, and after a seven-year run in Sin City, Gov. Chris Christie’s spokesman Michael Drewniak confirmed Wednesday that the pageant will return to the Boardwalk.

This was followed by a Thursday morning (Feb. 14, Valentine's Day) Boardwalk Hall press conference with New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, who formally announced the return of the pageant, although all the details have not been worked out yet.

It will take place in September 2013, but the date has not been finalized. Guadagno, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson and the CRDA worked together with the Miss America Organization to bring the pageant home.

Fans, get ready to say “Show me your shoes,” because it was announced that the Miss America Parade will also be back on the Boardwalk.

Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford says about the announcement, "Thankfully, the Miss America Pageant is back where it belongs."

The pageant began as a bathing suit competition designed to extend the tourist season by an extra week after Labor Day in the “Boardwalk Empire” era of 1921 when 16-year-old Margaret Gorman won the title. In was the following year when Gorman’s title officially became Miss America.

As the years passed the pageant became a national treasure and one of the top rated TV shows in its 1960s heyday when master of ceremonies, Bert Parks, would sing “There She Is Miss America” to the winner.

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1. Jane Gelman said... on Feb 15, 2013 at 01:31PM

“Great news, heard in Mexico. Now we need the Air Show to return.”

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2. Kathryn Baldwin said... on Feb 27, 2013 at 03:11PM

“Speaking for myself, I cannot wait to return to our home in Atlantic City New Jersey! It is truly thrilling to think of strolling down the boardwalk again!”


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