'Seasons of Love' — Le Ombré’s Fascinating Shadow Art

Co-creator Nicole Bernardi explains how the new show opening at Harrah’s Resort this weekend creates magical motion

By Lori Hoffman
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Le Ombré: Seasons of Love is a new dance and acrobatics show opening at Harrah’s that only occasionally unfolds in front of the curtain. That is because the show presents traditional shadow art by using silhouettes of the various artists projected onto a large screen coupled with multimedia, lighting, special effects and live vocals.

This is a classic case of needing to see it to understand the concept. Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.

Le Ombré is a troupe, based in Los Angeles, that has been around about two and a half years according to executive producer and co-creator Nicole Bernardi. The troupe has done numerous performances in the corporate market and was asked by Caesars Entertainment to create a special show for Harrah’s Resorts featuring a love theme.

In an interview with Atlantic City Weekly, Bernardi tell us what to expect from this unique entertainment.

How would you describe this show to people who aren’t familiar with the concept?
Nicole Bernardi: The show combines acrobatics and shadow art. It has been around for centuries but it is becoming popular again. The show also features video, graphics and singing.

The shadow art makes it different from typical casino revue shows that play here. Could you explain the concept a little more?
People are used to seeing things in the front [of the stage] — live action with dancers, singers and acrobats, but with the shadow art we are able to still create those emotional stories but also to create shapes out of the human body, from a sea turtle to a heart to spelling words with the human body. What is so compelling about it is that the human body is being used to create a lot of these images.

Where else have you performed?
We’ve performed in the corporate market. We’ve performed in Saudi Arabia, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, pretty much all over the U.S. The show we’ve doing at Harrah’s we created specifically for Harrah’s Atlantic City.

When they came to you for a show idea, what did they request?
We pitched them several concepts and because it was to be for Valentine’s Day weekend, they wanted it to revolve around love and the seasons. So we're capturing different types of love through the seasons. It’s love in all different shapes and forms.

Where do you get your performers?
Most of our performers are Los Angeles and Las Vegas-based. A lot of them have been in Cirque du Soleil at one time or another. There are professional dancers that have toured with major musical stars or been in Broadway shows.

Do your performers have to be both dancers and acrobats?
We have some that perform specialty acrobatics and we have some that are more specialty dancers. What’s different about this show is that people have to overlap. So if they come in just as a dancer, they go out doing acrobatics.

What kind of music do you use?
We have two vocalists, a male and female. There are standards in the show, some contemporary music. There is music that [the audience] probably hasn’t heard but that they will fall in love with.

Is this the first show you are bringing to Atlantic City and if so, are you looking forward to coming here?
I am. It will be fun, but we are not looking forward to the winter weather you guys are having.

Le Ombré: Seasons of Love
Where: Harrah’s Resort
When: February 11-13, 17-20; showtimes Friday through Sunday and Thursday at 8pm.
How much: $25, $30, and $35


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