William's World: Shatner Beyond ‘Star Trek’ 

Multi-faceted entertainer and big-time star of the small and big screens, William Shatner brings his one-man show to the Concert Venue at Harrah’s Saturday, Nov. 10.

By Ed Condran
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The Shat

William Shatner could rest on his laurels and just live the life of an octogenarian cowboy. The iconic star of Star Trek, who adores horses, as much as Trekkies love conventions, has done it all. Shatner, 81, will always be known as Captain Kirk. The eloquent Canadian is a small-screen hero courtesy of Star Trek, but he has also starred in T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal and most recently brokered deals for the commercial Web site Priceline as “The Negotiator.”

What else could Shatner do in his twilight years? 

How about a one-man show? 

Shatner is on the road with his aptly titled production Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It, which is slated for Saturday, Nov. 10, at Harrah’s Concert Venue.

Shatner was between projects when he received a call that sparked the show.

“I was contacted by someone in Australia,” Shatner tells Atlantic City Weekly in a phone call from his Los Angeles home.

“They said they would like me to do a one-man show. I went down and worked on the visuals. It went over very well. It worked out so well that we got an offer to do the same thing in Canada. I worked on improving the show we did up there, and then we got an offer from Broadway and we did it and had even more fun.”

So Shatner is taking the show around the country. 

“It’s great to take it everywhere,” Shatner says. “With this show you’ll have drama, music and comedy.

It’s a show unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s my life. It’s about things that have happened to me. I just try to make it as entertaining as possible. You’ll be surprised how moved you are by this show. You’ll also have great big belly laughs.”

Shatner looks back proudly at his accomplishments. 

“I’ve done so many things over my career,” Shatner says. “I’ve had great roles in television. I’ve enjoyed the theatrical productions I’ve done. I’ve enjoyed the music I’ve done. It’s been a very eclectic career.”

His interpretations of The Beatles' “Lucy in The Sky With Diamonds” and Bob Dylan's “Mr. Tambourine Man” are offbeat and unique. Some folks, such as Howard Stern and other humorists, have had fun at Shatner’s expense. Singer-songwriter Ben Folds produced and co-wrote a number of tunes with him, enjoying the experience.

“I had a great time working with him,” Folds says. “William Shatner is unlike anyone else out there.”

Shatner isn’t taking his last lap around the track anytime soon. 

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“In discussing the NHL situation, Mr. Condran states that Mr. Shatner is not pleased 'about the strike'.  I write to respectfully correct Mr. Condran, as
there is no 'strike' occurring. As i understand the situation, this is a 'lock-out' of the NHL players by the owners and commissioner Gary Bettman. (who in my opinion is a greedy dictator who has yet again caused harm to the NHL organization!)  Thank you.  ”


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