Spring Brings Better Movies

As the weather warms, the quality of the movies tends to improve

By Lori Hoffman
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Olympus Has Fallen.

Good news movie fans, the movie dead zone is almost over. If you’ve been wondering why there are no decent movies out there lately — except for the Oscar winners you might have missed earlier — the reason is simple economics.

The period after the December holiday movies and before the Easter holiday is traditionally the worst movie-going period of the year at the box office. Movie companies are holding back their quality films for the Easter holiday and beyond, and of course the blockbusters and the rest of the summer lineup will be unleashed around mid-May.

This is the reason the movie companies dump movies this time of year that have been A) sitting on a shelf somewhere; B) that stink or C) are no-name-cast horror movies with a built-in, if limited, audience. 

Since they don’t expect much, why waste a quality movie in January or February?

It is also a time when you might see an actor doing something unexpected. For example, Dwayne Johnson wanting to prove he is more than an action hero/kid movie star by showing his ability as a serious actor in Snitch. The problem is his fans don’t want him to be a serious actor, hence the February release date.

On the other hand, Johnson is in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, a popular franchise. That movie has a more box-office friendly opening date of March 28, right before Easter. If Johnson were really trying to cultivate more respect as an actor, he shouldn’t have decided to return to the fake world of WWE wrestling right at the same time he was getting serious on the big screen. It’s a mixed message.

Of course if someone in marketing had the bright idea to stand out among the bad movies with a good movie, they might break Hollywood’s off-season dead zone mentality. Hollywood executives doing something innovative in the winter? Well, I can dream, can’t I?

But enough about why movies are lousy right now. The good news is the drought is about to end. With the arrival of Easter the bad movie syndrome will be broken and movies we want to see will be hitting the big screen. Yes, there will be bad movies in the mix (there always are), but at least some of them will be good and dare we hope, even great.

Last year was a very good year at the movies and 2013 has nine more months to catch up. With that in mind here are a few movies coming out in the next few weeks that just might launch the 2013 movie season for real.

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