Stallone’s ‘Head’

Director Walter Hill still delivers great fight scenes; plus an Oscar party at Revel

By Lori Hoffman
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While admitting this is damning with faint praise, Sylvester Stallone delivers a better aging action hero in Bullet to the Head than Arnold Schwarzenegger did in Last Stand.

Joining him in the Bullet over-the-hill gang is director Walter Hill, whose resume is dominated by tough guy movies, some of which he also wrote with his sparse style, including Hard Times, 48 Hrs., The Warriors, The Long Riders and Last Man Standing.

Bullet to the Head, based on a graphic novel with a screenplay by Alexandro Camon, delivers some of the best hand-to-hand and ax-to-ax combat scenes in recent cinematic history. Too many films today use a choppy ultra-close-up visual style for fight scenes that makes them hard to follow. In the big ax scene in Bullet to the Head, Stallone has a pretty amazing showdown with the primary thug, Keegan (Jason Momoa).

The story that leads up to the final confrontation is pretty standard tough guy/action movie 101 stuff, including the fact that our mismatched heroes, killer-for-hire Jimmy “Bobo” Bonomo (Stallone) and smart-phone obsessed cop Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang of Fast & Furious fame) are both looking for justice for murdered partners. Bonomo doesn’t care how he gets his revenge, and Kwon wants to stay within the law, which provides a surprisingly effective comedic edge to the story.

This isn’t a classic action film, but during a time of the year when film companies are dumping their leftovers on the market, it’s a decent genre entry and as noted, the fight scenes are worth the price of admission.

Oscar Viewing Party at Revel

The Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, Feb. 24, and since none of us have aisle seats at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the big night, Revel is throwing an Oscar viewing party at the Social. On Oscar night you can walk the red carpet at Revel for its “Hollywood’s Big Night at The Social” with specialty cocktails, commercial break trivia, and a Winners Pick Contest where one lucky movie buff wins an overnight stay.

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