While tribute bands have been hot for some time now, there is something special about being a tribute to a band that fans are no longer able to see live. Such may be the case for Back In Black, the AC/DC tribute that comes to Golden Nugget Atlantic City this week as part of its Flashback Fridays concert series.

Truth be told, AC/DC is not technically broken up, however their classic lineup has disintegrated with the loss of singer Brian Johnson due to severe hearing loss, as well as the death of rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young. While they have announced plans to tour with Axl Rose as the new frontman, essentially that version of AC/DC is practically a tribute band itself.

So that puts Back In Black in an envious spot. Fans looking for their AC/DC fix may soon no longer have the option to see the real deal in person, which will more than likely mean higher demand for tributes such as Back In Black. But not all fans have become aware of this fact just yet.

“I think it will take a little time for people to realize that AC/DC may not tour again. I know (AC/DC guitarist) Angus (Young) is still up in the air about it,” says Miguel Goncalves, bassist and co-founder of Back In Black.

But regardless of whether AC/DC continues as a band, Back In Black has been running like a well-oiled machine since 1990.

“At the time there were only two tribute bands that I knew of — a Led Zeppelin tribute called ‘Physical Graffitti’ and a Pink Floyd tribute called ‘The Machine,’ Goncalves remembers. “I was in a cover band at the time, and one night one of the opening acts didn’t show up, so we ended up jamming on some AC/DC songs with a singer who sounded very much like (original AC/DC singer) Bon Scott. That’s how we got started.”

Back In Black does an impressive job recreating the feel of a live AC/DC concert, but their tribute is mostly a musical one. In other words, it’s not about being a bunch of look-alikes.

“Our singer doesn’t look like Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. It’s his voice that does the talking. We have a good visual and some props. It’s a nice show.”