Soul Asylum

1. The hits. OK, so maybe they didn’t have a ton of hits, but between both bands there are at least a few tracks that everybody in the crowd is sure to recognize, whether they are a fan or not.

Cracker’s most memorable radio hit was “Low,” a mid-tempo rocker off their 1993 record “Kerosene Hat,” which climbed to the marginally-impressive No. 64 slot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in May 1994.

Soul Asylum had a series of tracks that could be classified as “hits,” but outside of the diehards, just about everybody else knows them as “that band who sang that ‘Runaway Train’ song.” Of course that “Runaway Train” song may as well have been the anthem for the summer of 1993, as it was an absolute smash hit that was inescapable for a period of time. Singing along with the crowd on the chorus of this song is likely reason enough to attend.

2. The venue. You would be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing, enjoyable place to see a show than Laguna Grill and Rum Bar. Located directly on the sand within the semi-obscurity of Brigantine, Laguna Grill manages to reproduce that casual, “no worries” island vibe that so many beach bars try for and fail at. With swaying palm trees and potent cocktails (go for the rum runner), seeing a concert here makes for a great night — no matter who is on the stage.

3. The nostalgia factor. Whenever you team up a pair of bands that are closely associated with a specific time period, a sense of nostalgia for that particular moment gets conjured up. Maybe you remember one of these songs being on in the background during your first kiss, maybe it brings you back to that summer you worked on the boardwalk, or that time you and your buddies thought it would be a good idea to throw sodas at pedestrians after getting your driver’s licenses. Whatever it might be, it’s always fun to take a mental stroll down memory lane with a live soundtrack.