Q. I’ve been looking at tables of house edges on craps bets, and for some I see different house edges per roll and per decision. The edge on a place bet on 6 or 8 is 1.52 percent per decision, or 0.46 percent per roll.

Q. In cautioning to check for unusual pay tables you said you saw a Bonus Poker game that paid 2-for-1 on two pairs instead of the usual 3-for-1. Isn’t 2-for-1 the usual? I’ve never seen 3-for-1.

Q. In cautioning to check for unusual pay tables you said you saw a Bonus Poker game that paid 2-for-1 on two pairs instead of the usual 3-or-1. Isn’t 2-for-1 the usual? I’ve never seen 3-for-1.

Q. You write about so many games, but I can’t help wondering about the games you don’t write about. You rarely write about keno, and you never write about bingo or Texas Hold’em. Why can’t you work them into your mix?

Q. Once it became common knowledge to only play Jacks or Better video poker machines with a 9-6 pay table, Las Vegas casinos promptly responded by removing Jacks or Better games from their casinos. What is the next best game we should all look out for?

Q. Have you heard about the Russian slot hack where they could predict the next spin? They won money at casinos around the world. If random number generators are truly random, how is that even possible? You can’t predict random.

Q. OK, I’ll admit it. I sometimes make the craps bets you and others think are nuts. I only do it when I’m winning and the shooter is on a roll. Then I try to spice up a nice session with some long shots. Hit a couple of 12s and a nice win becomes a big one.

Q. I am really struggling with a strategy on multi-hand Double Double Bonus and Triple Double Bonus. It relates to getting dealt three aces with a kicker on Five or Ten Play. There are people who hold the kicker, and I just can’t bring myself to do that.

Q. It used to be my wife and I shared slot club accounts. Now the casinos want us to have separate accounts. Sometimes, when we want to build up her account, I use one of her cards. Sometimes she uses one of mine. One thing worries me. What if I win a jackpot while using her card? Can they r…

Q. A question about the new Ultimate X Spin Poker game you wrote about: It’s like Spin Poker, right, where the cards are on slot reels instead of being dealt out in a line? How does that change the odds? Am I more or less likely to win that way?

Q. I’m a Cleveland Indians fan and a casino player who doesn’t bet on sports much, but who followed the odds throughout the baseball playoffs.

Q. Tell me something about slot machine odds and bonuses. I was playing for a while, and it seemed like the bonus wasn’t happening very often. I spotted a guy with a name tag that said slot supervisor, and asked him how often a bonus was supposed to come up. He said no set time, but he thoug…

Q. I just left a blackjack table where it seemed like nobody could win with a 20. One hand, three of us had 20s and the dealer had a blackjack. Three times within five hands I was dealt 20s. On one, the dealer also had a 20, and on the other two she pulled 21s. Other players were having that…

Q. You answered a question about playing one coin on $1 video poker instead of five coins on a quarter game. What about slot machines? Dollar slots have higher paybacks than quarter games or penny games, right? Should I play one coin on a dollar game instead of three quarters or, say, 80 pennies?

Q. You don’t seem to write much about Let It Ride, but could you answer a question? Once I look at my first three cards, I can either pull back one bet or let it ride. I was in a situation where I had 2-3-4 of clubs, and I let it ride, but then after the first common card was a 9 of hearts, …

Q. I’ve been playing a lot of Super Times Pay lately, usually for quarters on Five Play. Do you know, is there any change in the odds of drawing a royal flush in regular games, on Super Times hands without the multiplier, and on Super Times with the multiplier?

Q. Your article on different Deuces Wild payoffs reminded me of something I’ve wanted to ask. You say that in non-wild card games, percentages usually are adjusted by changing the pay tables on full houses and flushes. But there are lots of other changes, especially the four of a kinds. Doub…

Q. I live in an area where there are eight casinos within about a 45-minute drive. They’re scattered in different directions, so there’s no casino hopping. You pick one and that’s where you go for the day.