Once again, greeting and salutations. And no doubt about it. The Fourth may have come and gone, but for the partying people this has got to be the best summer of them all.

With Mother Nature really kicking in the beautiful summer weather, more and more people are a part of the summer fun, not only at Memories but up and down the Jersey shore. As for Memories, there've been record-breaking crowds every weekend.

And what can I tell you about the big birthday bash on July 3? A heartfelt thanks to all the old and new friends who made it a stellar party -- the Donatuccis and the lawyers, including Carl Poplar, Chuck Peruto Jr., Eddie Jacobs, the judges, Webb Keogh, Dr. A.J. DiMarino from Jefferson and his lovely Dottie, the Canusos, the Spays, the Cohens, the regulars, the kids from Wildwood and Ocean City, the Bridgeport dancers, the Geatorettes, even our own Lady Gaga – but it would take five columns to acknowledge all.

And the wonderful thing about Memories is that once you experience it for the first time, it is never the last time. Just ask. And to hear all the action, all you have to do is tune in to WTKU Kool 98.3 FM on the weekends starting at 7 p.m. till closing. And for those of you out of the area, you can hear our live broadcast from 5 to 7 p.m. Fridays, and we’re still working on getting you access to the whole show once again.

Memories is open Thursday through Saturday starting at 4 p.m. And remember that on Thursday, July 14, it’s a special night with a great group, Not Collidge Mateerial. If you love the sound of the '60s and the '70s, and if you’re one of those college kids who grew up to that music, then you won’t want to miss this performance from the guys who lived it and sing it. And coming at the end of July on Sundays, Kenny Jeremiah’s live dance party.

Now, let’s ask the Geator:

Hello, Geator with the Heater! I was wondering how old do I need to be to get into Memories to see you? I'm 16! – Aidan Hughes, Absecon

Hello, Aidan. Unfortunately, the drinking age set by the state of New Jersey to enter a licensed bar is 21. But if you are accompanied by a parent or guardian and the club has a restaurant license, which we do, you can come in with the parent, though you are not allowed any liquor beverage. In your case, what I suggest is to come in with an adult relative before 8 pm when we still are serving a limited menu, though you wouldn't be able to stay past 8 due to the fact that we stop serving our limited menu and Memories becomes a dance club. And if you come during our live broadcast on Fridays between 5 to 7 p.m., I can put you on the air. Thanks for writing & hope to meet you.

You know how everybody likes this cute dog, this cute cat, etc? Well, “you’re the cutest thing I ever have seen” -- what song is that from? – Linda Branigan, Maple Shade

That’s “Lovey Dovey,” the Clovers’ big hit of 1954, which has been covered many times, including versions by Clyde McPhatter, the Coasters, Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, and you also probably heard Steve Miller sample the lyrics in “The Joker.”

I’ve been going to your great dances and have loved Memories in Margate for decades. One question if I may ask with utmost respect: In regard to the 1988 movie "The In Crowd" with Joe Pantoliano, hypothetically, if you had been a technical consultant on the set (as I think that you should have been) what would have been more accurate and different in the movie? Thanks so much and hope to see you at Memories again soon. Larry Mcdermott, Williamstown

First off, they denied that the picture was based on me, even though when I accidentally ran into Joe Pantoliano he told me, “Hey, I’m playing you.” They even used some actual Geator memorabilia. If they had come to me, I would have been happy to serve as a consultant and give them the real story, which is in my book “You Only Rock Once,” now being developed as a screenplay. They portrayed “Perry Parker” as an egomaniac who was using the kids for publicity and forcing them to attend special meetings. It even distorted my relationship with one of my disabled fans. Personally I would have focused on my attempts to play the real music instead of the white covers, my insistence that the artists who appeared on my show did not lip sync, and perhaps my refusal to play the Beatles and most British bands. That is the real story, not the one that they fabricated in “The In Crowd” and in my view would have been much more interesting.

Got a question for the Geator? Send it to geatorella@yahoo.com. Please include your name and location and watch this column for the answer. For complete info on Jerry’s appearances go to geator.net. And remember, keep on rocking, 'cause you only rock once!

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