Greetings and salutations, old chum -- you're saying, "Geator, where have you been? It's good to have you back!" Well, if you look at my schedule, you'll notice we're working seven days and seven nights a week — but now with the opening of Memories in Margate, you've got me back in the AC Weekly online.

And I don't have to tell you that if you were with us for our 43rd season opening of Memories over Memorial Day weekend, nothing but stars. It's like we never left after Labor Day. The Donatuccis, Herba and the gals, the Kuehnles, the Galdo family celebrating their wedding anniversary, Butch, Vanessa, and Benny Hill's birthday, the Three Amigos, the beautiful Roseann and Dr. Hussain, Chip (aka Sonny Bono), the Admiral and his lovely Linda, and even our new Lieutenant Governor from Pennsylvania, Michael Stack, were all a part of the excitement, as were the folks from the Golden Nugget. Even my man Jim Allen from the Seminole Hard Rock was in town. And on and on.

The opening of Memories also signaled the opening of our Sunday afternoon jam sessions at La Costa in Sea Isle. And very shortly — June 25, to be exact we will be back in Wildwood for our Thursday night dance parties at the site of the old Lighthouse Pointe, which was recently sold and is now the brand new and remodeled Bay Club.

And if you want to hear all the excitement, remember to tune in nightly on KOOL 98.3 from 7 to 9 p.m. during the week and all night long on weekends from Memories in Margate. And don't miss our Sunday show, the Geator, Frank and Friends, on WOND 1400 News Talk Radio from noon to 2 p.m.

A special hello to my man Mark Juliano and all the folks at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, where I now appear every Wednesday live at 5, with DJ Joel starting the party at 4 and continuing on till 8.

And now, let's resume the summer season with your questions.

What night (if any, LOL) are you at The Golden Nugget in AC? — Eileen C., Glendora, NJ

Right now we are at the Nugget's Live Bar every Thursday for our live broadcast from 5-7 p.m. (music from 4-8), but on June 23 we switch to Tuesdays outside on the Deck, as we do every year until September. We do this so we can accommodate our Thursday night dance parties in Wildwood.

I wanted to come to your afternoon jam session at La Costa in Sea Isle City but saw a video of you there. Is it all young kids now? — Joyce Montana, Wilmington

Not at all. It's the same as it has always been — it's a mix of "beyond" Yon Teens and new Yon Teens. The reason you saw what you saw is because La Costa has been completely renovated with a huge dance space, and the cameras caught more of the younger partying folks. But it is still the same mix wherever I appear — young and old, partying together.

Is there any word on when the KOOL 98.3 live stream may be fixed? I could listen on the old radio when I was visiting last weekend but I'm back in AZ now would be crushed not to hear you live from Memories this summer. — Nicole F., Scottsdale

Geator, are you aware that we will not be able to listen to you on Kool 98.3? My brother in Chicago is so disappointed! He was looking forward to listening tonight! — Donna W., Marlton, NJ

Locally you can still hear all the broadcasts on and on the radio, but not outside of their area. Here's what Paul Kelly, head of broadcast operations at WTKU, told us: "The KOOL stream has been down since December. The hope is that it will come back at some point but I'm sorry to say there is no timetable for it at this time. Hopefully soon. Sorry for the inconvenience." We are all hoping for the best, but meanwhile you might want to contact KOOL 98.3 directly via their website: and let them know it's important to you.

My husband and I both remember you having a TV show in the 1970s but can't remember what it was called. — Deannie & Mark, Brigantine

That was a show I did from 1973-75 on Channel 29 called It's Here. It was a Saturday night half-hour dance show somewhat like the Discophonic Scene, and you may remember that Sammy Davis was one of my guests. As a matter of fact I have a picture of Sammy and myself on that show with Harold Melvin's Blue Notes

And speaking of the Discophonic Scene, some of the "alumni" who danced on that show are organizing a reunion at Memories in Margate on Friday, July 10 — if you were a part of that show or want to meet the kids who were, just come to the club starting at 4 p.m. for happy hour — and remember, there's no cover on Fridays and no cover Saturdays before 9 at Memories

Today you played a song that I remember on WFIL and WIBG back when it was a hit. It's reminiscent of the Friends of Distinction song "Love or Let Me Be Lonely" but with a much more heavy and driving beat. The bridge is, "Don’t let go, oh no." I was able to write down one line from the lead singer: “If I am to take the blame . . . ” Can you please help me? The song has been like a bug in my head and I can't get it out. When I tell my older sister that I “conversed” with Mr Blavat, that would make her day! — Michael Notigan, Florence, NJ

That's a song I play often — "Hold On" by the Radiants, and it's on my CD For Dancers Only, Volume 4. Thanks for listening, and please tell your sister to keep on rocking.

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