Once again, greeting and salutations. And what a time to be not only in Jersey but in Philadelphia when thousands of people from across the country are experiencing the good things – the music, the restaurants, the venues, the entertainment, and the people – that the visitors to the Democratic National Convention have flipped over -- not only the cheesesteaks and the water ices and the delis and all kinds of wonderful restaurants, but the friendliness and the neighborhoods that Philadelphia is all about.

And it’s really no different from the way it was when I first began and you, along with people from all different parts of this great city, Jersey and Delaware came together because of the music and the dancing. It’s wonderful for the City of Philadelphia to host the DNC, because now the whole world knows what we’re all about.

And it was my pleasure to do the opening show Sunday night for Congressman Bob Brady and give the delegates from around the country a taste of Philadelphia – not only the food but the dancing and the talent -- Bobby Rydell, the Trammps, the Duprees, and yes, even the Geator Gold dancers. One of the network reporters said to me, “How do you think the delegates are going to react to a ‘Geator’?” And I said to him, “Just come watch, wait and see.” He did and he flipped, because as you know, and as I said to him, music is universal. If it’s good, you can be from China, India, or the great U.S.A. and you will relate. Music is the real thing.

Before we get to your questions, let me remind you that this Friday, Aug. 5, we are hosting a fundraiser for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House at Memories in Margate. The party is open to the public starting at 5 p.m., with proceeds from the door going to Ronald McDonald Houses and their mission of providing help and support to families of seriously ill children. So please come on by and be a part of the evening.

And now, let’s ask the Geator.

Being outside of the Atlantic City area, I can no longer listen to your live broadcast from Memories due to the fact that the carrying station, WTKU Kool 98.3, does not stream. As you have been a staple in my life, it would be very nice to be able to listen to you on the summer weekends. Please know that I will be looking for a change in the current radio streaming setup so that you can again be heard all around this country, as I'm sure many have voiced the same concerns. - Dan (Del Rossi), Las Vegas, NV

You are correct that many others have written in with the same concerns, and we're happy to report that we have found a solution to the problem, which by the way was not a "bug" but a result of new FCC regulations that took effect at the end of last year resulting in up to a 1200% increase in licensing fees for live content, which has been a hardship for some of the local stations on which we broadcast. Thanks to our brilliant DJ and engineer Joel Stephens, we are now able to broadcast our entire show live from Memories both Friday and Saturday nights. All you have to do is go to MyRadioStream.com/mobile/jerryblavatonline on your mobile or MyRadioStream.com/jerryblavatonline on your computer and you’ll be able to join the party online from start to finish. So here’s to many hours of happy summertime listening to you and all of our out-of-town friends and fans.

Every time I hear you play Little Richard's "Gonna Rock It Up" I wonder how in the world he could get away with a lyric like "gonna ball tonight" back in the 1950s. – Erica, Ocean City

Back then the word “ball” did not have an obvious sexual connotation. It had to do with going to a ball, or "having a ball," so what Richard was really saying was "We're gonna dance tonight." And the censors had no objection to that.

Were Frankie and the Classicals ever on the Discophonic Scene back in '67? -- Larry McDermott, Williamstown

Not on the Discophonic Scene, because their song “What Shall I Do” came out that year and the Discophonic Scene on Channel 10 was over at the end of 1966. But they did appear with me when we moved over to Channel 6 in 1967 and the show, which was now on Saturday nights between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m., was called Jerry’s Place. “What Shall I Do” originally had a spoken intro, which I cut when I broke the song because I wanted to start playing it right on the rhythm beat. At the time the group was an unknown act but the record made them a one-hit wonder. And by the way, the lead singer, Frankie, was a girl.

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