ACH Gets New Name: The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel

The former Atlantic City Hilton has a new game plan and it's all about value and locals— in a sense.

By Jeff Schwachter
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New menus, however, with reduced prices — entrees will be priced between $12-$18 at all the restaurants, says Frawley — are slated to be unveiled March 1. Frawley says overall the menu prices will be "competitive with any local neighborhood restaurant."

Although the room rates for the Atlantic Club's 816 rooms will stay the same as they are, Frawley says he wants to eliminate parking fees at the property.

"What makes us different and unique is that this commitment to value is total," adds Frawley. "This is variety and value from top to bottom."

Frawley says the company will be hiring a new sales team to go out into regional communities in about a 40-mile radius and meet with local businesses to develop partnerships and relationships.

"We are a business like any other business in this town," says Frawley. "We are going to be very aggressive with our relationships with local businesses, and by local it doesn't mean that it's around the corner. It means that if you are a partner with us we will have a cooperative marketing relationship. We feel that the key to our success lays in our relationships with businesses.

"Whether the businesses be small or whether they be large, the first part of this is that we believe you should be able to use some of the comp dollars that you earn here at some of our partner businesses. We believe that it benefits everyone and we're going to be very aggressive."

Although no entertainment has been booked yet (the company is going to start the transition by focusing on gaming) for the Atlantic Club's showroom, its Beach Bar will be open this summer with live entertainment, says Frawley.

"From new signage on the building outside to interior renovations on the casino floor, The Atlantic Club is a property in motion to begin in March and to be completed by late spring."

The renovations, says Frawley, will be all about "comfort" and "value."

"Our aim is to be a part of this local business community and it's a key to our success moving forward."



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1. Anonymous said... on Feb 8, 2012 at 12:48AM

“The "savvy consumers" will go right past this "intimate" ashtray to the Revel where they won't have to suck smoke. The owners of the Atlantic Club will get savvy about clean, breathable air too late, after the Revel shows them how it's done. They are determined to miss a golden opportunity.”

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2. Anonymous said... on Feb 21, 2012 at 11:17PM

“Hilton was a cool enough place. All kinds of decent comps to even the lighter players. Nice rooms, Food, Shows. Fitness Center/ Pool. It was more intimate and no theme like Bally's Wild West but cozy. Enough room to get the deed done. I came to play and play I did! Didn't like the change to mostly penny machines. Hope the boardwalk speakers still play the great music and the remaining of the Beach Side Club.
As for cancer, I am a non-smoker but I assume there will be smokers; not nec'. blowing it in others faces. What's next, No Cologne, no alcohol because of the smell? Give me a break.

There will always be a niche for this club - just hope it's enough to keep it afloat. The New Hard Rock Casino going up next door will bring more traffic to the Atlantic as well.

I Like the Hilton and will keep them in my itinerary as long as they remain loyal to their players.”

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3. Skylynn said... on Mar 16, 2012 at 06:24PM

“I'm a Hilton Honors Diamond Member who stayed at the Atlantic City Hilton who's high standards in customer service and cleanliness exceeded most casino's. I still plan to visit this month for another stay. Can't express my concern enough in the change as it was comfortable and pleasantly pleasing right over to the bell hop. I'm glad new ownershiip will eliminate parking for lodging.

I'm a non smoker who rarely drinks alcohol. I've never felt overcome by tobacco smoke in the gaming areas or anywhere in its interior. It's either prohibited or restricted to desinated areas in most casino's very unlike it was years ago. Alcohol and tobacco are legal. Seriously "why not add unhealthy eating to the till you choke and die from clogged arteries list." Perhaps breathing the obnoxious air in polluted industrialized city's where innocent people do daily while dying unwillingly of cancer. I'm still planning my trip from VA to AC. Additionally traveling through some of the heavily polluted areas of NJ to visit my folks in NYC who are well into their 80's who frequented the casino's back in the day.


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