Casino Answer Man

  • By John Grochowski

Q. I just left a blackjack table where it seemed like nobody could win with a 20. One hand, three of us had 20s and the dealer had a blackjack. Three times within five hands I was dealt 20s. On one, the dealer also had a 20, and on the other two she pulled 21s. Other players were having that… Read more

Gaming Guru

  • By John Grochowski

Readers send me A LOT of stories of their casino experiences — tales of their first trips to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, big wins, things that impressed or depressed them and even times when they couldn’t win for losing. Read more

Mr. AC Casino

I’m not talking about “America’s Next Top Model,” but the new generation of slot machines on display last month at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas. Read more