Jersey Tomatoes

People can (and do) argue over what really makes a sandwich great. Is it the bread? The meat? The mayo (let be honest, most times it’s the mayo). But, once in a while, said greatness comes down to an X factor, to a restaurant having a secret ingredient up its sleeve that brings the flavor profile up to levels previously thought unachievable by mere mortals. Case in point — the Jersey tomato.

A mightier fruit/pseudo-veggie has never existed, and the folks at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Cafe in Resorts Casino Hotel have recently announced that all of their sandwiches will now feature Jersey tomatoes until they are out of season. They will place them on burgers, crab cakes, chicken sandwiches ... basically anything on the menu that has two slices of bread holding it all together.

What does that ultimately mean? Well, it means that their sandwiches are going to suddenly taste even better. A simple concept that we can all get behind.

— Ryan Loughlin