Ocean City offers so much to see and do, that even if you spent the whole summer here, you may not accomplish it all.

Here are some of our favorites:

Water Park: Play and cool off in the water all day at OC Waterpark in slides, tubes, a splashdown or just chill in the lazy river. General admission: all day $31.99; 2 hours $26.99; spectator $15.99. For those under 48 inches: all day $26.99; 2 hours $21.99. Kids age 2 and under are free. Plymouth Place and the Boardwalk, OCWaterPark.com.

Miniature Golf: Miniature golf, or putt-putt, is a shore tradition. Ocean City boasts eight mini golf courses, all with a fun and different theme.

  • Pirate Island Golf: 18 holes, featuring animated pirates, caves, waterfalls and pirate ships. Open until 11 p.m.; 112 E. Ninth St.; 609-398-9938; PirateIslandGolf.com
  • Medieval Fantasy Mini Golf: Indoor/outdoor family mini-golf course features a medieval-castle theme and some black-lit holes. Open until 11 p.m. 1336 Boardwalk, 609-938-0579, OceanCityMiniGolf.com
  • Congo Falls Adventure Golf: Congo Falls features three world-class 18-hole miniature golf courses: Congo Queen, Solomon’s Mine and the Lost City. Open till midnight. 1132 Boardwalk, 609-398-1211, CongoFallsGolf.com
  • Haunted Golf: This indoor miniature golf course has a haunted hotel theme with creepy animatronics. Open till midnight. 824 Boardwalk, 609-391-7777, HauntedGolfcom
  • Goofy Golf: Silly characters can be found throughout to make you giggle as you play. 920 Boardwalk, 609-398-9662, Facebook.com
  • Tee-Time Golf: Situated by Wonderland Pier, this course has been a kids’ classic for decades. 640 Boardwalk, 609-398-6763, Facebook.com
  • Seaport Village Golf on Pier 9: This mini golf course features a replica of the shipwrecked “The Sindia,” as well as a Great White Shark. Open till 11 p.m. Boardwalk between 9th and 10th streets, OceanCityFun.com
  • Golden Galleon Pirate Golf: Two fun, pirate-themed golf courses with a talking parrot. Open till 11 p.m. Boardwalk between 11th and 12th streets. OceanCityFun.com.
Encounters Maze

{standaloneHead}Encounters Maze{/standaloneHead}

Encounters: With a laser maze, mirror maze and Time Freak, prepare to be here for a while, as Encounters holds loads of exciting games, tricks and puzzles for kids and adults alike. Try your luck at one or all three. You’ll be astounded and amazed. Mirror Maze $9.99; Laser Maze $5.99; Time Freak $5.99. A combo ticket for all three includes a Laser Maze video for $19.99. That same combo ticket with a round of Haunted Golf is $24.99. 832-834 Boardwalk, EncountersMirrorMaze.com

GaleForce: Unforeseen circumstances prevented the big blue GaleForce roller coaster on Ocean City’s Castaway Cove from opening last year, despite being erected. But this year, it’s finally open. A platform-like car extends beyond the sides of the rail, which goes over 125-feet high. It also features a more than 90-degree drop, and a launch speed of 64 mph. It takes 14 tickets or $10. 1020 Boardwalk. OceanCityFun.com.

Jilly’s Arcade: Sure, Jilly’s has an ice cream factory and a french fry factory — even a T-shirt factory. But maybe their most popular attraction is by far the arcade. Open year-round, Jilly’s Arcade has everything from classic and contemporary video games and fun cranes to pinball and Skeeball. 1168 Boardwalk, JillysOC.com.

Jillys Arcade

{standaloneHead}Jillys Arcade{/standaloneHead}

Ride the rides: Ocean City has amusements for any age.

  • Playland’s Castaway Cove includes swings, tilt-a-whirl, a log flume, Double Shot, go-karts and the GaleForce roller coaster. 1020 Boardwalk, OceanCityFun.com
  • Gillian’s Wonderland Pier: Thrilling families since 1929, this features enclosed and outdoor piers and rides that are suitable for the smallest of kids to the biggest kids at heart, such as a monorail, bumper cars, a scrambler, a giant Ferris wheel and the still-set-to-open-this-summer Super Flipping Arm. 6th and the Boardwalk, Gillians.com.
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