Philly’s Greatest A Cappella?

By Jerry Blavat
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Mack David

Once again, greetings and salutations. ‘Tis the Boss with the fall sauce, and even though we don’t see each other as much as we did during the summer season, you’re always on my mind. And at one time or another, you always do join me down at the Jersey shore. Last weekend was no exception. The Baby Boomers, as usual, partied with the Geator at La Costa in Sea Isle, and now with October here, the big event will be Fabulous Fifties Weekend in Wildwood. I’ll kick it off on Friday night, Oct. 15, and, of course, Chubby will celebrate 50 years since America began “twisting” the nights away. Then, before you know it, the holidays. Make sure you plan to join us again for our gala New Year’s Eve party at the Taj. For tickets and more information, call 609-449-1000. Now, let’s ask the Geator.

I didn’t know that Eddie Fisher was from Philadelphia till I read the articles about him after he died. Did you know him? — Rene

As a kid, I knew of him. Most of us kids, before the Krass Brothers came along, used to get our clothes where he got his clothes, Sam’s at 7th and Snyder. Never thought I would meet him, but I did when he came to town with Elizabeth Taylor and had dinner at Beck’s on the Boulevard. I was invited, along with Joey Bishop and a young singer from South Philly by the name of Eddie Dano, to join him. He was cordial, and what struck me was how quiet and humble he was in the presence of Elizabeth Taylor.

I own a DVD of Gone With the Wind and noticed in the music credits the name Mack David. It’s a long shot but is he any relation to Hal David? — Charles B.

As a matter of fact he was Hal’s older brother and a very prolific songwriter for films, including “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Cinderella and the lyrics for “My Own True Love,” the theme from GWTW.

For years I have been looking for an old album that came out around 1967 and might have been called Philadelphia’s Greatest A Cappella, recorded with five or six young doo-wop groups. Two songs I remember on it were “Hey Boy” and “You Cheated, You Lied.” An old friend of mine, Paul Fiore (Pinky), is the lead singer on “Hey Boy” and he nails it. I want this record so bad, I would even go out and buy a record player!

— Gerry Campbell, aka Philly Dog, Brigantine

You got the title right, and it’s on Pantomime Records. Your friend Pinky, who sang lead, was with a group called the Destinations. The group that did “You Cheated, You Lied” were the Vibra-Tones. If you’re looking for the CD, call my friend Val Shively’s R&B Records at 610-352-2320 — if Val’s not around, ask for Chuck — and they’ll be able to help you.

Got a question for Jerry? Send it to or Geator Gold Radio, 626 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. For more info on Jerry’s appearances, go to — and keep on rocking, ’cause you only rock once!

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1. H g said... on Dec 31, 2012 at 12:50AM


I have a copy of " Philadelphia's Greatest Acappella, Vol.1, by " Pantomine" a division of Michael Adler Enterprises. It's an LP, @ 1966

Are u familiar with it

would u like to borrow mine

No Money involved

Songs include : Hey Boy, I Wanna Dance, Sun's Message & Token of Love”

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2. Emmett Fiore said... on Feb 20, 2013 at 11:34AM

“Destination Members included: Paul Pinky Fiore, Joe Fiore, Al Mayberry, Jerry Otter and Froggy (Never knew his proper name) Although I don't have a copy anymore I remember it well. Countless evenings The Destinations practiced their harmonies in our basement or on our front porch in Frankford. Fond memories indeed. Kudos to The Geator for his life long recognition and celebration of this cultural art.
Emmett Fiore (Pinky & Joe's younger brother)”

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3. Al Maberry said... on Nov 14, 2014 at 01:01PM

“Hey Emmett ... Al Maberry here ... I was a member of the Destinations. Would love to hook up with your brothers (Paul 'Pinky' & Joe) Jerry's last name was Udder and 'Froggy' is Albert Beyer. Johnny Sheahan also sang with us...Roy 'High Pockets' Williams was our bass before Jerry. Sadly, Jerry has passed away. We had a girl named Reenie sing with us for a while also. Been a long time man!”

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4. South Philly Tony said... on Nov 24, 2014 at 06:39PM

“I'd love to get a copy of the album too. I've been looking for it for years. Al, you guys had the tightest harmony. I sung with Jerry Tempests of the emeralds. It's been so long ago, what was the cut on the CD by Caveman mike? Remember him, his group always used to sing in the city hall courtyard? Man, great memories, Chez Vous, Wagner's, St. Alice's. Hey Boy was one of my favorite cuts on the album.”


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