Artist Lennox Warner’s Theater

Atlantic City’s Lennox Warner didn’t set out to become an artist, but the city continues to inspire his 
creative work, some of which will be included in his seventh solo exhibit later this month.

By Tamara deMent

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Lennox Warner in his Atlantic City home / studio, surrounded by some of his work.

Photo by Craig Billow

On January 24, Atlantic City sculptor and mixed-media artist Lennox Warner will present his seventh solo art show at the Atlantic Cape Community College Art Gallery in Hamilton Township. The 15-piece exhibit will be showcased until Feb. 24, with a reception on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

Since 2004, Warner has been showing his work throughout the South Jersey region and also in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. In addition to being one of the more successful independent artists in the Jersey shore area, he has become a leader in the local world of fine arts, serving a four-year tenure as chairman of the Atlantic City Arts Commission.

A committed mixed-media artist, Warner’s creative instincts reach beyond that of any single medium. In the 12-year span that he’s been actively creating art, Warner has gone from working with wood, to clay, to pretty much anything: soda cans, marbles, glass, mirrors, LED TV screens, digital photography, video clips, dollar bills. 

Nothing is off limits.

One of Warner’s specialties is creating memorials. But more specifically, he seeks to provide concrete documentation for figures in American pop culture that have been, in his opinion, “underrepresented” in visual fine art. One of his goals, he says, is to help give voice and perspective to what will become significant historical moments.

“I try to do a biography in my artwork of what’s happening right now,” says Warner. “If someone were to see my artwork, they might be able to say, that was the generation, or that was what was happening at [the time].”

(Click here for a photo gallery of Lennox Warner's art.)

But Warner, who hails from the West Indies and is “over 60,” has ambitions beyond art. He is currently waiting to come under the employ of the new Revel resort in Atlantic City as a table games supervisor, and is also considering running for office in Atlantic City.

As a visually aware person who has lived in the city for 25 years, Warner is interested in seeing the city make more aesthetic choices, especially in terms of creating more public art.

For years, the city has been run by leaders who have had “no artistic vision,” says Warner. So, in the next mayoral election, I may “put my hat in the ring.”

Below is an interview with the artist. 

Last time we spoke, in June, you had just finished working out of a 16-foot box truck. Where is your current workspace?

I call my apartment my studio. I [currently] have three pieces in a garage in Brooklyn where I store my artwork.

Do you frequently work in Brooklyn?

Yeah, sometimes I work up there. I do work up there because I have the space. Where as, here [in Atlantic City] I don’t have the space. 

I read in a recently published article on you that you didn’t start calling yourself an artist until five years ago. Why is that?

I didn’t set out to be an artist. I set out to be creative. On a personal level, I’m just excited to be a creative person.

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1. Otto Neals said... on Jan 5, 2012 at 09:23AM

I see that you are still doing good work. Keep it up.

Otto Neals”

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2. Turiya Abdur-Raheem said... on Jan 7, 2012 at 06:19PM

“Can't wait to see your exhibit at ACCC!!! Informative, interesting article, Tamara, before I go see the exhibit. Thanks.”

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3. Tori Gee said... on Feb 22, 2012 at 08:44AM

“Lenox I have seen you develop as an artist and remember some of your first pieces of art. I am so proud of you and honored to be your friend. I will visit your exhibit while in AC. Lets consider jazz and art together.”

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4. valeria marcus said... on Jun 30, 2012 at 01:17PM

“Mr. Warner's artwork is simply marvelous!”


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