Atlantic City Police Nab Some Phish Phans for Drugs

Atlantic City Police reported a generally peaceful group of Phish fans hit the city Halloween weekend for the band Phish's three sold-out shows at Boardwalk Hall. But some were a little more relaxed than others.

By Mike Pritchard
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Phish concerts carry on the tradition of the Grateful Dead's live shows — in more ways than one. (Pictured: Phish in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall over Halloween 2010 weekend.)

Photo by Tom Briglia

News from the Atlantic City Police Department about the three-show gig of Phish at Boardwalk Hall over Halloween Weekend seems to fit in with a variation of an old saying.

Namely, if you can remember the concerts, you weren’t there.

Atlantic City police reported confiscating $278,310 worth of illicit drugs and more than $12,000 in money alleged to be part of drug transactions.

Police said that 19.4 ounces of marijuana was confiscated, making us think that several of our suggestions for Phish fans (Tony Boloney's, Mexico restaurant, the water show at the Pier at Caesars) probably came in handy.

Police also reported confiscating 16 marijuana-laced Rice Crispy Treats. Now that’s creative.

While we are all for law and order, the weekend does seem to have been ruined for the about 63 men and women from 15 states who were arrested.

Police did have some problems though. According to, most of the accused were given summonses for possession and released. A detective "assaulted with nitrous oxide" while making two arrests was treated and released from a hospital, and a captain's hand was injured as he tried to subdue a male suspect, according to the police news release.

Here's the list of drugs gathered by A.C. police:

- 70 nitrous oxide tanks.
- 551.2 grams (19.4 oz.) marijuana.
- 4 marijuana-laced brownies.
- 16 marijuana-laced Rice Krispies Treats.
- 66 marijuana-laced cookies.
- 134.9 grams (4.8 oz.) psilocybin mushrooms.
- 22 doses of ketamine.
- 34.3 grams (1.2 oz.) of Ecstasy (MDMA powder form, a.k.a Molly).
- 60 pills of Ecstasy.
- 30.7 grams (1.1 oz.) cocaine.
- 2.2 grams (0.1 oz) heroin.
- 395 hits of LSD.
- 21 LSD-laced cookies.
- 26 Oxycodone pills.

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