Top 7 Hurricane Irene Songs (Videos) ... by Bob Dylan

By Jeff Schwachter
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While Hurricane Irene has everybody signing the wrong words to the 1982 Dexy's Midnight Runners No. 1 hit "Come on Eileen," the following songs have likely come to mind for many in the path of the big storm.

"The Rain Song" - Led Zeppelin

"Rain" - The Beatles

"Like a Hurricane" - Neil Young

"Blow Wind Blow" - Muddy Waters

"Song of the Wind" - Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson

"Down in the Flood (Crash on the Levee)" - Bob Dylan

"Rock You Like a Hurricane" - Scorpions

"Goodnight Irene" - Leadbelly (Tom Waits' version is pretty cool too)

Or, as some with large amounts of time on their hands have suggested to us, you can find plenty of material just by searching through Bob Dylan's massive output.

There are obvious "Dylan Irene Songs" — "Hurricane," "Shelter from the Storm," — and less obvious, "Rainy Day Women 12 & 35" — but you really could find dozens of related tunes in his repertoire if you listened hard enough.

Until then, we've selected some choice videos of Dylan Irene Songs for your enjoyment.

Top 7 Bob Dylan Hurricane Irene Videos

 "Hurricane" - Live, 1975, from John Hammond Tribute TV special

"Hard Rains a Gonna Fall" _ Live, 19 , N, Japan, TV special

"Down in the Flood" - Fairport Convention, rare live version, 1974

"Not Dark Yet" - Official video, 1997

"Shelter from the Storm" - Live, Hard Rain ABC special, 1976

"Rainy Day Women 12 & 35" - Dylan with the Grateful Dead, Live, 10/17/1994


"High Water" (For Charley Patton) - Live, 2011

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