AAHMSNJ Honored with Rosa Parks Stamp Unveiling

Plus, The Atlantic City Free Public Library's "Magic of Kentucky Avenue" exhibit.

By Turiya S. A. Raheem
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It was a great turnout and Ralph Hunter was in rare form last Saturday when the African-American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey (AAHMSNJ) was honored with the U.S. Postal Service’s unveiling of the Rosa Parks commemorative stamp on the 100th anniversary of her birth. 

Hunter hosted an excellent program, which included remarks from public officials, local clergy and representatives from the U.S. Postal Service.  

Shirley McCauley, niece of Rosa Parks, came from Louisville, KY, to deliver brief and heartwarming stories of her aunt, sharing with us that she had no idea how powerful her aunt’s actions had been at the time. 

“She simply said she was too tired to get up and there were plenty of seats for the White man in the front of the bus.”

At least 20 African-American and national newspapers are also being displayed at the museum, including the New Times, New York Herald, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Black Dispatch, Detroit News and the Philadelphia Inquirer, reminding us of the many rebellions, insurrections and riots which took place not only in the 1960s but also the 1700s and 1800s.

Colorful chromogenic prints by artist Glennis Reed add a nice touch after the disturbing scenes from the newspapers. Her "Visions from the New California" inform us of the corner stores, storefront and community businesses which make up many California neighborhoods in the 21st century.

It’s worth the trip to get out to the AAHMSNJ in Newtonville for these exhibits. 

You’ll also see more than 160 representations of U.S. postage stamps dedicated to African-American human rights activists, artists, legislators and others.  

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-4pm and is free (donations gratefully accepted), but it is worth so much more.

Hunter at the Atlantic City Free Public Library

A smaller crowd gathered to reminisce about "KY and the Curb" last Wednesday night to kick off Black History Month

This year, the Atlantic City Free Public Library is sharing part of its Heston collection entitled "The Magic of Kentucky Avenue," featuring about 25 photos of the Club Harlem and the many entertainers who performed there, as well as other businesses that once thrived on the historic block.

In his usual comic yet scholarly manner, Ralph Hunter gave a brief history of Newtonville, the historic black community in New Jersey where the African-American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey makes its home. He talked about the charcoal fields there, the workers, Dr. James Still, an herbalist and doctor who lived there.

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