Nicole Jacoby

Founder and Co-Owner, Greens and Grains

Nicole Jacoby, 34, is the founder and co-owner of the popular local chain of vegan eateries called Greens and Grains. Nicole and her husband Lambros Psounos own and operate the chain which currently includes three locations in Ventnor, Northfield and Galloway. The company was founded by Jacoby in January 2014. The start up sold juice detox programs and plant-based food to local customers. In the past nine months, Jacoby has opened three storefronts. In May 2015, Greens and Grains opened their first brick-and-mortar location in Ventnor with critical acclaim from the likes of Craig LaBan. Two months later, Greens and Grains opened their second location on New Road in Northfield. Most recently, Nicole has spearheaded the development of the new 5,000- square-foot complex in Galloway named The Exchange. The Exchange is the home of three locally owned restaurants, a coffee shop and a floatation tank center. This Jimmie Leeds Road location is the home of the third Greens and Grains, which opened in February.