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Park Place and Boardwalk

Mountain Bar 609-340-2000 Friday: DJ Dave Mass, 9 p.m., Flip Like Wilson, 10 p.m.; Saturday: DJ Eric Vanderslice, 9 p.m., Gypsy Wisdom, 10 p.m.; Tuesday: JJ Rupp Band, 6:45 p.m.; F, Sa, T


1 Borgata Way

Gypsy Bar 609-317-1000 Thursday: The Benderz, 10 p.m.; Friday: John McNutt, 7 p.m., The Rockets, 11 p.m.; Saturday: Fish out of Water, 7 p.m., Lost in Paris, 11 p.m.; Sunday: Burnt Sienna, 8:30 p.m.; Wednesday: Gypsy Wisdom Duo, 9 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, W

Premier 609-317-1000 Friday: Brklyn, 11 p.m., Saturday: Dash Berlin, 10 p.m.; Sunday: PS1, 11 p.m.; Monday: Joe Maz, 11 p.m.; F, Sa, Su, M


2100 Pacific Avenue

Dusk 609-345-3875 Friday: Armani Cee, 11 p.m.; Saturday: DJ FatFingaz, 11 p.m.; Tuesday: DJ Vera, 11 p.m.; F, Sa, T

Toga Bar 609-348-4411 Friday: DJ REdline, 9 p.m., Toga Dancers, 9:30 p.m.; Saturday: DJ 2CoolC, 9 p.m., Toga Dancers, 9:30 p.m.; F, Sa


Huron Avenue and Brigantine Boulevard

Haven Nightclub 609-340-5111 Thursday: Ricky Survive and Andrew Mason; Friday: Fergie DJ; Saturday: Robbie Rivera; Th, F, Sa

Rush Lounge 800-777-8477 Thursday: Jerry Blavat, 5 p.m. Dane Anthony, 8 p.m.; Friday: Bobby & Kit, 6 p.m.; No Pressure, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Kelli Glover Duo, 6 p.m., Spoiled Rotten, 10 p.m.; Monday: Lisa Bouchelle, 8 p.m.; Tuesday: Patty & Bugzy, 8 p.m.; Wednesday: Laura Lea, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, M, T, W


777 Harrah’s Boulevard

Eden Lounge 609-441-5165 Thursday: Stealing Savanah Duo, 8 p.m.; Friday: Cheers the Band, 9:15 p.m., DJ Transit, 10 p.m.; Saturday: Crazy in Stereo, 9:15 p.m., DJ Dave Mass, 10 p.m.; Sunday: To the Max, 9 p.m.; Monday: Ken Shiles & Ci Bon, 8 p.m.; Tuesday: Crazy in Stereo Duo, 9 p.m.; Wednesday: DJ Redline, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Martorano’s 800-242-7724 Friday: Chris Devine, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Jason E, 9 p.m.; F, Sa

Xhibition Bar 800-242-7724 Friday: Johnny B, 10 p.m., Dnial, 1:30 a.m.; Saturday: Andrew K, 10 p.m., Jason E, 1:30 a.m.; F, Sa


1133 Boardwalk

Bar One 609-344-6000 Friday: live DJ and entertainment, 6 p.m.; Saturday: ReUnited Duo, DJ Gary, 10 p.m.; F, Sa

Five O’Clock Somewhere Bar 609-431-4100 Thursday: trivia, 6-9 p.m.; Th

Gallagher’s Steakhouse 609-340-6555 Thursday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Friday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Saturday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Sunday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Monday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Tuesday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Wednesday: happy hour, 5 to 7 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Gallagher’s Burger Bar 609-340-6555 Thursday: happy hour, noon to 7 p.m.; Friday: happy hour, noon to 7 p.m.; Sunday: happy hour, noon to 7 p.m.; Monday: happy hour, noon to 7 p.m.; Tuesday: happy hour, noon to 7 p.m.; Wednesday: happy hour, noon to 7 p.m.; Th, F, Su, M, T, W

Margaritaville 609-431-4100 Saturday: 5 Times Famous, 7 p.m.; Sa


2831 Boardwalk

The Quarter at Tropicana 609-340-4000 Saturday: Jimmy Astacio’s Trio, 6 p.m.; Sa

10 North 1-800-The-Trop Thursday: Darin MacDonald, 6 p.m.; Th

Ivan Kane’s Kiss Kiss Nightclub 609-300-1615 Friday: DJ; Saturday; DJ; Wednesday: DJ; F, Sa, W

Boogie Nights 888-940-7080 Thursday: AC Weekly 2017 Nightlife Awards; Friday: Stoplight Singles Mixer; Saturday: Disco Inferno After Party; Th, F, Sa

Cuba Libre The Quarter, 609-348-6700 Friday: Latin Fridays; Saturday: Bailamos Saturdays; F, Sa

Ri Ra Irish Pub, The Quarter, 609-348-8600 Thursday: DJ; Friday: DJ Night, 11 p.m.; Saturday: Crisbie, 11 p.m.; Sunday: Industry Night with Live Acoustic Music, 10 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, Su

Planet Rose Karaoke Lounge The Quarter, 609-344-6565 Daily Karaoke, 8 p.m. Th,

F, Sa, Su, M, Tu, W

Anthem 609-576-5206 Saturday: Diva Royale, 7 p.m.; Sunday Funday with DJ B Lee; Sa, Su

Providence 609-345-7800 Thursday: DJ Trayze, midnight; Friday: DJ Nick Ferrer, midnight; Saturday: DJ Shiftee, midnight; Th, F, Sa

Tango’s 1-609-340-4000 Thursday: The Loop, 8 p.m.; Friday: Victoria Watts, 7 p.m., DJ Ralph, 11 p.m.; Saturday: Ann Michal, 3 p.m., Big City, 7 p.m., DJ Ralph, 11 p.m.; Monday: DC Duo, 8 p.m.; Tuesday: Jumper Trio, 8 p.m.; Wednesday: Mark Diomede & The Juggling Suns Project, 8 p.m.; Th, F, Sa, M, T, W


The Black Cat Bar & Grill 1 North Shore Road, 609-641-2323 Thursday: Open Mic with the Rollers; Saturday: live music; Wednesday: Karaoke with Mike Maggio, 8 p.m.; Th, Sa, W

Fred & Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant & Tavern 1 N. New York Road, Smithville 609-652-0544 Friday: Vickie Austin; Saturday: Dr. Cheeko; F, Sa

Hi-Point Pub 5 North Shore Road, 609-641-3172 Thursday: Quizzo; Friday: live music, 8 p.m.; Saturday: live music; Tuesday: Karaoke with Troy David; Wednesday: Steve Gitto; Th, F, Sa, Tu, W


The Boneyard 20 S. Virginia Ave., 609-348-3360 Saturday: DTMP Presents: Hip Hop at the Boneyard with Jayflyman Vasquez, QmoneyAC and 730, 9 p.m.; Sa

Kelsey’s 1545 Pacific Ave., 609-344-2200 Friday: Matt Newsome, 7:30 p.m.; Saturday: Ju Tan, 7:30 p.m.; F, Sa

Vagabond Kitchen & Taphouse, 672 N. Trenton Avenue, 609-350-6721 Friday: Adam Holcombe, 8 p.m.; F

Hard Rock Café 1000 Boardwalk, 609-441-0007 Friday: Jay D Clark, 8 p.m.; Saturday; Weekend Acoustic Brunch with Bill Caterini, 8 a.m. to noon; Sunday: Weekend Acoustic Brunch with Bill Caterini, 8 a.m. to noon; F, Sa, Su

The Iron Room 648 N Albany Ave., 609-348-6400 Friday: Wine Geek Pick of the Week and Friday Night Flights; F

Wonder Bar 3701 Sunset Ave., 609-344-8888 Thursday: Cat Country 107.3FM live broadcast & Eric Church concert ticket giveaway (7 pairs); Saturday: Brandon Ireland; Th, Sa

Rainbow Room 55 S. Bellevue Ave., 609-317-4593 Thursday: Thirsty Thursday, 9 p.m.; Friday: Friday night with Gidget; Saturday: Drag Show hosted by Jenna Tall ;; Sunday: Male Revue; Th, F, Sa, Su


St. George’s Pub 4282 Harbor Beach Boulevard, 609-266-1001 Wednesday: Quizzo; W


McCullough’s Pub & Restaurant 3016 Ocean Heights Avenue, 609-926-3900 Friday: Mel & Tony; Saturday: Patty Blee; F, Sa

LB One 6605 Black Horse Pike, (609) 645-7655 Thursday: Nick Nicholas, 6 p.m.; Friday: Bob Mower and Nick Nicholas; Saturday: Bob Mower and Lew London; Wednesday: Andy Berlin; Th, F, Sa, W

A Touch of Italy 6629 Black Horse Pike, 609-646-1855 Thursday: Patty Blee; Friday: Doug Jennings; Saturday: Kenny Jeremiah; Tuesday: Doug Jennings; Wednesday: Lew London & Bob Mower; Th, F, Sa, T, W

Christi’s Bar & Grill 6415 Delilah Rd., 609-383-2700 Friday: live music, 9 p.m.; Saturday: Karaoke with DJ Eric; F, Sa


Bulldogs Bar & Grill 743 West White Horse Pike, 609-965-4433 Saturday: Isnt’ It Always?, 9:30 p.m.; Sa

Pitney Pub 200 S. Pitney Rd., 609-241-8906 Wednesday: DJ; W

The Dubliner Irish Pub and Grill Downtown Plaza, 325 Jimmie Leeds Road, 609-652-2210 Friday: Hail Caesar, 7 p.m.; Saturday: Karaoke, 9:30 p.m.; Tuesday: Paint Party Fundraiser for Oakcrest High School; F, Sa, T

JD’s Pub and Grille 45 S. New York Rd., 609-404-9000 Saturday; live musics; Monday: Karaoke with Troy David, 9 p.m.; Wednesday: Quiz Show Trivia, 8-10 p.m.; Sa, M, W

Ram’s Head Inn 9 W. White Horse Pike, 609-652-1700 Wednesday: Beth Tinnon, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. W

The Smithville Inn 1 N. New York Rd., Smithville, 609-652-7777 Friday: Lenny Mitchell, 6:30 p.m.; Saturday: Lenny Mitchell, 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday: Jazz Night, 7 p.m. F, Sa, W


Johnny’s Café 9407 Ave., 609-822-1789 Friday: Stevie O; Saturday: Stevie O; Sunday: Benny Marcella; Wednesday: Benny Marcella; F, Sa, Su, W

Maynard’s Café 9306 Amherst Ave., 609-822-8423 Friday; DJ Coz; Saturday: DJ Coz; Wednesday: DJ Coz, 10:30 p.m.; F, Sa, W

Sofia Restaurant 9314 Amherst Ave., 609-822-9111 Thursday: live jazz; Friday: live music; Saturday: live music; Th, F, Sa

Steve and Cookie’s By the Bay 9700 Amherst Ave., 609-823-1163 Thursday: light jazz; Friday: light jazz; Saturday: Joe Mancini; Sunday: Chris Sooy; Sunday: light jazz; Monday: Bill McGrady; Tuesday: Lew London and Chris Sooy; Wednesday: Joe Mancini and Friends; Th, F, Sa, Su, M, T, W

Tomatoes 9300 Amherst Ave., 609-822-7535 Friday: DJ Laup; Saturday: DJ Sparkles; F, Sa

Bocca Coal Fired Bistro 7805 Ventnor Avenue, 609-823-3663 Wednesday: Jazz Night; W


Watering Hole Cafe 6494 Weymouth Road, 609-625-9300 Saturday: Dead Reckoning, 9 p.m.; Sa

Applebee’s Restaurant 700 Consumer Square, 609-383-9290 Monday: So You Think You Can Sing, 9 p.m.; Tuesday: Balloon Artist, 6:30 p.m.; Nancy Malcun, 9 p.m.; Wednesday: Quizzo, 9 p.m.; M, T, W

Brick House Pub & Grille 4450 Black Horse Pike, 609-837-2763 Friday: Doghouse Roses, 8 p.m.; Saturday: DJ: Tuesday: DJ Michael James; Wednesday: Karaoke with DJ Michael James, 8 p.m.; F, Sa, T, W


The JJ McDermott Lounge, Atlantic City Country Club, 1 Leo Fraser Dr., 609-236-4400 Thursday: Lou Younger; Friday: Lou Younger; Saturday: Lou Younger; Wednesday: Lou Younger; Th, F, Sa, W


The Anchorage Tavern 823 Bay Ave., 609-926-1776 Thursday: DJ; Friday: DJ; Saturday: DJ; Th, F, S

Applebee’s Restaurant 51 Bethel Rd., 609-653-2270 Saturday: Acoustics with Dynasty, 8 p.m; Wednesday: Quizzo, 9 p.m.; Sa, W

Clancy’s By the Bay 101 East Maryland Ave., 609-927-6969 Thursday: Live Music, 8 p.m.; Friday: DJ Ahmed Khan; Saturday: DJ Nick Teti; Tuesday: Karaoke with Lori Kelly; Th, F, Sa, T

Caroline’s By the Bay 450 Bay Avenue 609-927-9007 Thursday: Live entertainment, 10 p.m.; Friday: Live entertainment, 9 p.m.; Saturday: live music; Wednesday: Open Mic hosted by Tribe; Th, F, Sa, W

The Crab Trap 2 Broadway, 609-927-7377 Friday: Starr; Saturday: Starr; Wednesday: Starr; F, Sa, W

Gregory’s Restaurant 900 Shore Road, 609-927-6665 Saturday: DJ, 9 p.m.; Wednesday: Trivia Night, 8 p.m.; Sa, W

Tavern on the Bay 800 Bay Ave., 609-926-3500 Saturday: live music; Sa

PassionVines Wine Bar & Spirit Company 265 New Rd., 888-601-8463 Thursday: Beer Vs. Wine Mexican Edition; Sunday: Art & Wine Creativity Workshop; Tuesday: Sushi Pairings; Th, Su, T


Ventnor Coffee 108 N. Dorset Ave., 609-992-3046 Saturday: Open Mic Night; F, Sa

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