ACW/AC Weekly Nightlife Awards

On January 21, 2016 In Atlantic City at the Boogie Nights club in the Tropicana Casino, the Atlantic City Weekly Nightlife Awards are held. The Red Hotts, a dance group performs.


Atlantic City has had its ups and down over the years, but there is one thing about this town that will never change — when it comes to nightlife, it’s “top of the heap” (or maybe “A Number 1” depending on which Frank Sinatra line you prefer to reference).

If you think about it, when it comes to options for a wild night out, this city and its surrounding towns leave no stone unturned. Looking for a mega dance club? We got ’em. Dive bars more your speed? No problem. Need a good laugh? There are always a few comedians in town. Looking to celebrate that last big hurrah with the guys or girls? This place practically invented the bachelor/bachelorette party.

So what keeps each bar, club, band or DJ striving to stay at the top of their game?

We here at Atlantic City Weekly would like to think that the desire to win a much coveted Atlantic City Weekly Nightlife Award plays some part in the whole thing.

To those unfamiliar, the A.C. Weekly Nightlife Awards are an annual gala event — taking place 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, at Boogie Nights in Tropicana Atlantic City — designed to shine the spotlight on the people and places in Atlantic County that keep the party rolling especially well.

And of course the A.C. Weekly Nightlife Awards will be THE place to party in Atlantic City that night. There will be live music, a DJ, special guests, private VIP rooms and a crowd that basically will be a who’s who of anybody who is anybody in A.C.

So what are the categories?

Well, let’s just say if it’s happening in nightlife, it’s got an award with its name on it. Think “best dance floor,” “best hook-up spot,” “best bartender,” “best place for live entertainment,” “best late-night munchies” and, of course, the granddaddy of them all, “Club of the Year” will be awarded.

The Club of the Year award in particular is — as they say — “kind of a big deal,” as it is the only award that has its own championship trophy. “The Club Cup” gets passed on from year to year from winner to winner. Picture the Stanley Cup ... but with a lot less hockey and a lot more truth involved.

Of course every bar is not a nightclub. Vagabond Kitchen and Taphouse proved that putting the effort in to give customers a great experience can result in quite a few honors, including “Bar of the Year.”

“We won a bunch of awards last year,” says Elvis Cadavid, co-owner of Vagabond. “But I would trade them all just to keep the Bar of the Year award.”

Wanna know the best part about the A.C. Weekly Nightlife Awards? YOU get to pick the winners!

That’s right — each category will feature both a Readers’ Choice — that’s you — as well as a Critics’ Choice — that’s us. For a complete list of the categories see to the right. Don’t see your favorite nominee on the list? Add them! Power to the people!

Voting begins Thursday, Nov. 17, and ends Saturday, Dec. 31. You can — and should — vote once a day until the polls close!

So get to and cast your vote for those who make this town deserve its title of “America’s Playground.”

The categories are:

Best Irish bar

Best after-hours spot (casino)

Best after-hours spot (non-casino)

Best outdoor/deck bar

Best beach/pool bar

Best dive bar

Best LGBT spot

Best bar you never heard of

Best bottle service

Best swanky lounge/bar

Best strip club

Best tequila/rum bar

Best guys night out (casino)

Best guys night out (non-casino)

Best girls night out (casino)

Best girls night out (non-casino)

Best sports bar (casino)

Best sports bar (non-casino)

Best hook-up bar (casino)

Best hook-up bar (non-casino)

Best cougar club

Best place to pop the question

Best industry night

Best casino lounge act

Best karaoke/open mic night

Best comedian

Best casino bar/lounge for live entertainment

Best dance floor

Best club dancers

Best local bar/restaurant for live local entertainment

Best place to listen to original music

Best cover band

Best original band

Best convert venue

Best festival

Best happy hour (casino)

Best happy hour (non-casino)

Best locals bar

Best wine list (casino)

Best wine list (non-casino)

Best beer list (casino)

Best beer list (non-casino)

Best bartender

Best cocktail bar (casino)

Best cocktail bar (non-casino)

Best late night munchies

Lifetime achievement award

Best nightclub

Best bar

Best DJ

Best daylife

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