1. Isolate yourself. At Staying Afloat, there’s zero chance you’ll run into any obnoxious couples. And that’s because it specializes in sensory deprivation tanks. For 90 minutes you’ll be suspended in a tank of water, situated in a room with no light or sound. Allegedly, a session in the float pod helps the body achieve a natural, restorative state — the ideal place to meditate and chill out. It also happens to be a great way to avoid any and all human contact. Located at 80 W. Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway. Go to StayingAfloatNJ.com

2. Distract yourself. While you’ll definitely be alone in a sensory deprivation tank, it does give you a lot of time to think — not necessarily an asset on Valentine’s Day for lonely hearts. A place that similarly discourages human interaction, while providing a distraction, is the movies. With that said, there are a few films to avoid, as the movies also tend to be a notorious make out, hand-holding, cuddle-fest, love spot. It’s best to avoid both love stories (for obvious reason) and horror films (where all that “I’m scared, hold me” nonsense will happen). Instead opt for something that falls in the middle, like “The Post” or “I, Tonya.” Is anything less sexy than government cover ups and knee bashing? Check out Regal Cinemas at 4215 E. Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing. Go to RegMovies.com for movie times.

4. Shoot something. Get dumped right before the big day? Blow off some steam by shooting some high-pressured paintballs at Gear-Up Paintball. There, find fields that range from simple stationary targets; to the Gear-Up Field with bunkers, forts, trees and more; and the Military Speedball Field, where hard bunkers and military transport vehicles replicate real, fast-paced combat situations. Any relationship-induced aggression will surely be burnt off at Gear-Up. Located at 240 S. White Crossing, Hammonton. Go to Gear-UpPaintball.com.

5. Let loose. Partying on a Wednesday is not the most conventional of choices, but if Valentine’s Day is a date you’d rather forget, Anthem nightclub in Tropicana Atlantic City can help you out. Every Wednesday, Anthem hosts a comedy night at 8 p.m., followed by its #NoFilter party, featuring local DJs and bartenders, plus $5 Fireball shots, domestic beers and cocktails. With a theme like #NoFilter, it’s the perfect place to speak your mind about all those terrible Tinder dates. Located at 2831 Boardwalk, Atlantic City. Go to Tropicana.net.

3 Seek furry companionship. Everyone already knows you as the crazy cat lady/man. So, you might as well lean into that persona by visiting the Humane Society of Atlantic County 1401 Absecon Blvd., Atlantic City; HumaneSocietyAC.com). There you can find plenty of kitties looking for a home (be responsible, of course, and only adopt if you’re able). If adoption isn’t in the cards, you can always just wander the A.C. boardwalk in search of the famed boardwalk cats. Not that we encourage you touch them. Just look at them longingly from afar and contemplate your life choices …