Real Estate Transactions

By AC Weekly Staff
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Real Estate Transactions


The following transactions of $50,000 or more are compiled from information filed with Atlantic and Cape May counties in the month of May 2008 (transactions may have occurred in an earlier month). Names listed may, in some cases, be the names of buyers' or sellers' representatives. Atlantic County listings are presented in last name, first name order.

  • Egg Harbor Twp.
  • 709 Coventry Ln., Bruno John A. Jr. and Bruno Maria to Lewis Madeline C. and Lewis Timothy J. on 8/20/2008 for $265,000
    118 Branch Hill Dr., Paparone Homes of NJ Inc. to Branda Deborah J. and Branda John R. on 8/20/2008 for $300,000
    5066 Ridge Ave., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Bagocius Elizabeth and Bagocius Michael C. on 8/21/2008 for $261,710
    1748 Mays Landing-Somers Point Rd., Gilmore Suzanne to Jennings Karen B. on 8/21/2008 for $433,000
    5068 Ridge Ave., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Lynch Ryan J. on 8/21/2008 for $251,690
    271 Churchill Dr., Paparone Homes of NJ Inc. to Geraci John and Seiler Elaine on 8/21/2008 for $344,900
    118 London Ct. 1, Mele Carol and Migali Carol Ann and Millar Nancy Lee to Zhu Yu on 8/22/2008 for $155,000
    108 Toulon Ave., Alamgir Mohammed and Rahman Fahmina to Basurco Juan J. and Miranda Elena on 8/25/2008 for $185,000
    4030 Wintergreen Ave., Richards John Michael to Ferriola Lysbeth on 8/25/2008 for $220,000
    100 Langford Ave., Decathlon Construction Co. Inc. to Espinal Miryam and Estrada Astrid on 8/25/2008 for $230,000
    1010 St. Clair Blvd., Destilo Lisa to Gross David P. on 8/26/2008 for $162,000
    106 Sycamore Ave., Deluca Concetta and Deluca Giuseppe to Roe Daniel and Roe Nicole F. on 8/26/2008 for $225,000
    223 Sea Pine Dr., Landmark Development N. 4, LLC to Nassar Rami on 8/26/2008 for $259,500
    215 Rosemarie Dr., Lemieux Larry D. to Dioguardo Christine A. and Dioguardo Patrick A. on 8/26/2008 for $335,000
    16 Tulip Rd., Dr. Horton Inc. to Bongiovanni Anna Marie C. and Bongiovanni Frank A. on 8/26/2008 for $275,417
    450 Delaware Ave., Foster Arthur L. and Foster Joan R. to Chancey Natalia M. and Chancey Steven P. on 8/26/2008 for $265,000
    2 Heritage Terr., Donahue Donna and Donahue Stephen G. to Harlan James, Jr. on 8/26/2008 for $242,000
    3117 Fire Rd., Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon of NJ Inc. to 3117 Fire Rd. Assoc., LLC on 8/26/2008 for $2,040,000
    2336 English Creek, Hare Dana and Hare Dashaun D. to Williams Michael and Williams Michele on 8/26/2008 for $180,000
    303 Sanderling Ln., M&M Investments, LP and Matzel & Mumford at Egg Harbor, LLC to Coulter Corazon J. and Coulter William D. Sr. on 8/27/2008 for $545,000
    3 Mountain Ln., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Hoang Ronald L. and Hoang Thanh on 8/27/2008 for $290,000
    60 Tower Ave., Doody David M. to Le Johnny on 8/27/2008 for $300,000
    5 Cottage Rd., Nova Properties at Egg Harbor, LLC to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 8/27/2008 for $108,000
    2 Poppy Rd., Baehner Charles G. to Bauer Janet on 8/27/2008 for $223,000
    126 Snowdrop Rd., Dr. Horton Inc. to Louis Burton M. and Louis Debra S. on 8/28/2008 for $250,000
    3 Cottage Rd., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Desantis Gregory and Desantis Tyler on 8/29/2008 for $291,125
    7 Cottage Rd., Nova Properties at Egg Harbor, LLC to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 8/29/2008 for $108,000
    13 Cottage Rd., Nova Properties at Egg Harbor, LLC to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 8/29/2008 for $108,000
    1210 Old Zion Rd., Colman Colleen and Colman Douglas to Barber Sharon A. and Carlino Ross on 9/2/2008 for $288,000
    109 Iris Dr., Shipman Jason to Woodside Kelly and Woodside Michael on 9/2/2008 for $335,000
    28 Winterberry Rd., Tarbell Diva and Tarbell Jay to Daniels Patrick K. and Daniels Susan on 9/2/2008 for $299,900
    1613 Mays Landing Somers Point Blvd., Melora Joseph A. and Passarella Charlotte R. to Ball Eileen on 9/5/2008 for $235,000
    301 Pond Rd., Harris Brian D. and Harris Pamela J. to Nelson Desiree and Tharrington Dan on 9/5/2008 for $300,000
    379 Sunflower Dr., Dr. Horton Inc. NJ to Van Zant David R. and Van Zant Ruth on 9/8/2008 for $303,840
    44 Gallant Fox Ln., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Heenan Sadye E. and Heenan Thomas R. on 9/8/2008 for $362,990
    119 Waverly Rd., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Tran Yen Linh T. and Vo Ngoc Van on 9/8/2008 for $272,394
    27 Poppy Rd., Sutton Carol L. and Sutton Ronald W. to Williamson Eunice M. and Williamson John H. on 9/8/2008 for $325,000
    7044 Ridge Ave., Landmark Development N. 4, LLC to Hamilton Jaime Lynne and Hamilton William J. on 9/9/2008 for $330,000
    120 Zion Rd., Wilkinson Bressler B. and Wilkinson George E. to Beatty William and Price Harold on 9/9/2008 for $184,370
    383 Sunflower Dr., Dr. Horton Inc. NJ to Golin Louis A. and Golin Lynnda on 9/11/2008 for $321,840
    102 Folsom Ave., Villada Luz A. to Perez Alejandro and Perez Karla and Perez Marta on 9/11/2008 for $225,000
    201 Churchill Dr., West Matthew R. and West Tina M. to Wiser Stuart B. and Wiser Tracey M. on 9/11/2008 for $365,000
    131 Gravesmith Dr., Borders Erica and Borders Glenn to Shepperson Dorothy E. on 9/12/2008 for $285,000
    236 Heather Croft, Vazirani Anand P. and Vazirani Devi A. to Luu Nhi on 9/12/2008 for $213,000
    7042 Ridge Ave., Landmark Development N. 4, LLC and Senseman Karl E. to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 9/12/2008 for $105,000
    228 East Kennedy Dr., Atlantic Land, LLC and Schaeffer Jason T. to Highsmith Luciana M. on 9/12/2008 for $337,050
    43 Poplar Ave., Selwa Kiara M. and Sherwood Chad M. to Chavez Orlando and Chavez Rosa and Figueroa Blanca and Figueroa Jalmar on 9/15/2008 for $250,000
    30 Cottage Rd., Nova Properties at Egg Harbor, LLC to NVR Inc. on 9/18/2008 for $108,000
    418 Boston Ave., US Bank Na. and Wells Fargo Bk. Na. to Chung Rosa and Escudero Whu Maria E. and Herrera Argentina on 9/18/2008 for $203,000
    20 Country Magnolia Ln., Indyg Sylvia to Eichwald Jennifer and Miller Andrew on 9/19/2008 for $158,000
    101 Jacksonville Ct., Ramos Magaly and Santos Eliezer to Nammour Mousa J. and Nammour Tamara E. on 9/19/2008 for $310,000
    106 Paterson Ave., Muniz Geronimo and Santiago Iris to Carney John on 9/19/2008 for $143,000
    102 Nightingale Rd., Stafford Ivania L. and Stafford Steven T. to Maven Danielle N. and Maven Troy E. on 9/19/2008 for $209,000
    202 Windswept Dr., Lucia Brian W. and Lucia Karen E. to Carr Brian R. and Carr Lisa on 9/22/2008 for $339,900
    7 Fairview Dr., Brown Russell P. to Brown Russell, Sr. on 9/22/2008 for $202,000
    15 Empire Dr., Apilado John C. to Goldstein Glenn I on 9/22/2008 for $310,000
    18 Cottage Rd., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to McGee Elizabeth and Passante Michael on 9/23/2008 for $290,050
    34 Heather Croft, Dittman Katherine Lenard and Lenard Dorothy and Mackris Elizabeth to Lianidis Steve on 9/24/2008 for $115,000
    3012 Ivins Ave., Countrywide Home Loans Inc. and Park Pl. Securities Inc. and Wells Fargo Bk. Na. to Matus Eric Andrew and Matus Teri Lynn on 9/24/2008 for $191,900
    4052 Ocean Heights Ave., JPL Property Group, LLC and Striefsky Paul to Currell Shannen and Miller Ryan on 9/26/2008 for $214,500
    14 Mountain Ln., NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes to Pulido Ephraim and Pulido Vivian on 9/26/2008 for $283,165
    21 Mountain Ln., Aspen Ridge Dev., LLC and Gestetner Marcel to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 9/26/2008 for $100,000
    26 Mountain Ln., Aspen Ridge Dev., LLC and Gestetner Marcel to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 9/26/2008 for $100,000
    24 Mountain Ln., Aspen Ridge Dev., LLC and Gestetner Marcel to NVR Inc. and Ryan Homes on 9/26/2008 for $100,000
    103 Dunlin Ln., M&M Investments, LP and Matzel & Mumford at Egg Harbor, LLC to Dossman Adolfo A. and Dossman Maria Claudia on 9/29/2008 for $299,180
    314 Glenn Ave., Deutsche Bank Natl. Tr. Co. and FFMLT Trust 2006 FF6 and Home Loan Serv. to Sisombath Sam on 9/30/2008 for $257,000
    111 Hickory St., Carmen Allison A. and Carmen Kenneth W. and K&A Contractors, LLC to Mejia Mercedes and Quinones Jose on 9/30/2008 for $237,000
    1783 Mays Landing Somers Point Rd., Lind Diane to Weeden James A. on 9/30/2008 for $154,500
    105 Blue Spruce Ave., Deliivanov Ivaylo R. and Deliivanova Albena P. to Kreger Fred Mac and Mackreger Fred on 9/30/2008 for $190,000
    520 Superior Rd., Jiang Chao to Chen Fa Y. and Li Guan H. on 9/30/2008 for $243,000

  • Estell Manor
  • 115 8th Ave., Ranck John O. and Ranck Norah C. to Decker Melissa M. on 8/4/2008 for $332,000
    163 7th Ave. West, Stauffer Kerry L. to Janney Linda G. and Janney Ronald on 8/12/2008 for $220,000
    209 Honest John Rd., Cantler Linda L. and Cantler William R. to Lemieux Larry D. and Lemieux Linda A on 8/29/2008 for $392,500
    174 Eight Ave., Balnis Elizabeth A. and Wes Bates Const Inc. to Balnis Elizabeth A. and Brickner Andrew L .on 9/4/2008 for $240,000

  • Folsom
  • 1458 Backline Rd., JTS Custom Building & Remodeling Contractors Inc. to Lee Carrie N. and Lee John and Roberson Grady Jr. and Roberson Leslie on 8/4/2008 for $657,623
    86 East Park Ave., Imperatore Deborah and Imperatore Joseph to Vogelsberg Ursula on 8/4/2008 for $209,000

  • Galloway Twp.
  • 217 East Magnolia Ave., Dement Thomas to Levi Margaret M. on 8/1/2008 for $163,000
    125 Iroquois Dr. Unit D2, Angelucci Thomas and Meiklejohn Kathleen to Devlin James W. on 8/4/2008 for $146,000
    90 Liberty Ct., Iozzia Frank to Amplo Elizabeth and Amplo Philip on 8/4/2008 for $111,000
    58 Aspen Ct. Unit 58, Wells Fargo Bk. Na. to Ginnetti Richard on 8/4/2008 for $110,900
    717 Cooper Ferry Ct., Brennan Grace M. and Brennan John to Wells Barbara on 8/4/2008 for $197,500
    104 East Upland Ave., EMC Mortgage Corp. and First American Asset Closing Serv. and National Default Reo. Serv. and Reo. Services to Rich Ventures, LLC on 8/4/2008 for $214,000
    529 East Dickinson Ave., Thornburg James W. and Thornburg Sue E. to Arlington Helen and Arlington Olga and Arlington Steven on 8/5/2008 for $257,000
    462 Nectar Ave., Fulton Daniel H. and Fulton Hsiao Ni T. to Cartus Financial Corp. on 8/5/2008 for $178,000
    462 S. Nectar Ave., Cartus Financial Corp. to Bonsol Mayla on 8/5/2008 for $178,000
    31 Iroquois Dr., Staub Amy and Staub Jeffrey and Szymanski Amy to Sykes Steven on 8/6/2008 for $148,000
    600 East Dickinson Ave., Chanese Patrick and Chanese Rachel and Wasserman Antionette to Guenther Lori A. and Guenther Paul F. on 8/6/2008 for $215,000
    232 East White Horse Pk., Kapil International, Inc. to DSL Realty Corp. on 8/6/2008 for $1,875,000
    315 Xanthus Ave., Ghazarian Marie to John Everest and John Roseate on 8/6/2008 for $229,000
    209 Brads Ct., Busch Frank and Busch Maura to Ventura Christopher and Ventura Jessica on 8/8/2008 for $266,000
    622 Eighth Ave. , Lam Xy and Voci Kalynn to Staub Amy and Staub Jeffrey S. on 8/12/2008 for $255,000
    720 East Pennsylvania Ave., Kovsh Christine and Veasey Joseph and Veasey Lynne to Cisco Ruth and Wilkins Joseph and Wilkins Ruth on 8/15/2008 for $351,000
    72 Liberty Ct., Grigoletto Judith M. and Grigoletto Ronald M. to Ciccarone Nicolletta A. on 8/18/2008 for $112,000
    125 Liberty Ct., O'Neill John Jay to Harshe Rashmi and Nadig Saroja on 8/18/2008 for $110,000
    213 North Odessa Ave., Fischer George M. and Fischer Linda L. to Hambrecht Brian A. on 8/19/2008 for $240,000
    56 Theresa Ct., Ray Bhaskarbhai and Ray Jyotilaben and Ray Samir to Ray Alpesh S. and Ray Hetal A. on 8/20/2008 for $149,500
    736 Whalers Cove Pl., Baker Muriel and Baker R. Scott to Jakositz Theresa and Jakositz Thomas on 8/21/2008 for $276,500
    427 Nectar Ave., Community Lending Inc. and Kenghart Ruetairat and Mers and Northeast Community Lending to Shore Management Co. of Delaware Valley Inc. on 8/21/2008 for $113,900
    415 South Willow Ave., Zeits Matthew A. to Macneil Gavin D. and Macneil Ginger L. on 8/21/2008 for $195,000
    804 Fishers Creek, McDevitt James and McDevitt Janice to King Christina on 8/22/2008 for $137,350
    708 Sixth Ave., Hiksdal Harry B. and Mawhinney Beatrice to McLaughlin Robert on 8/25/2008 for $75,000
    22 Canary Way, Santo Elaine and Santo Frank to Golla Michael J. and Golla Svetlana on 8/25/2008 for $265,000
    221 Meadow Ridge Rd., Bank of NY and Countrywide Home Loans Inc. and Cwabs Inc. to Cohen Steven and Fischer Mary Lou on 8/25/2008 for $96,000
    249 Mattix Run , Hernandez Ana and Hernandez Manuel to Celli James A. on 8/26/2008 for $135,000

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