It doesn’t seem possible, yet it has come to our attention that somehow without us even noticing we have reached the halfway mark of the 50 Bites+ promotion.

At first we didn’t believe it ourselves. Like a couple of school kids who suddenly realize summer‘s end is as close as its beginning, we stomped our feet in sterile frustration and denial before eventually accepting the sad truth.

But like a gang of lemon farmers with a silo of sugar and a crate of empty pitchers it was time to take this sour fruit of a ticking clock and turn it into gloriously sweet lemonade.


Well, beginning Monday, Nov. 7, 50 Bites+ passes will be available for just $25 each! That’s right you read that correctly — what was once a great idea for $50 is now an insane, bordering on ludicrous idea that falls heavily in your favor.

So if you have been foolishly teeter tottering on the fence trying to decide whether to buy a 50 Bites+ pass, we suggest you firmly pull that metaphoric trigger and join the party. Heck you can even brag to all the other Biters about how you scored a deal they could only dream of. So grab one — or better yet, grab a bunch of newly reduced 50 Bites+ passes, and get out there fast cause it’s time to catch up to the tastiest trend in town.

If you don’t have a 50 Bites pass, starting Nov. 7 you can get one for just $25! Go to

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