We imagine that by now you are aware of 50 Bites+, the biggest, tastiest and most bite-packed promotion that we have ever slapped our good name on. We also assume that you know it starts Thursday, Oct. 13, and runs through Dec. 1, and that passes are currently on sale and that you can purchase them for $50 either online at ACWeekly.com/50Bites or at The Press of Atlantic City in Pleasantville, both Atlantic City Visitor Center locations (cash only), The Iron Room in Atlantic City and the Community Food Bank in Egg Harbor Township.

Of course you knew that. AND you knew that there are indeed 62 Bites this year.

So on to those Bites, right?

Not so fast.

While we are all excited about diving right in and stuffing ourselves to capacity, one of the saddest things that can happen to a 50 Biter is for him or her to enter this whole thing without a strategy and end up aimlessly roaming about Atlantic City and its surrounding areas like a creepy drifter in a clown mask (too soon?), randomly stalking bites without a well-defined plan of attack.

This is no way to start your journey. You must resist the urge to go into this willy-nilly. To get the most out of this deal you must plot your course to a Magellan-like degree.

But how? Where does one start?

That’s where we come in. Join us as we plot your course over the next seven weeks in order to conquer every last bite on this glorious list.

Week One

We begin at Golden Nugget Atlantic City. Why? Because we want to. Listen, pal, when you’re writing a seven-part column on a food promotion, you can start where you want, but until then we are steering this ship, okay?

Anyway back to the Golden Nugget — who helped conceive this idea in the first place. We begin at the Chart House where their kimchee calamari is the star Bite. After making quick work of that, it’s off to Vic & Anthony’s for another deep-sea treat, the always-scrumptious fried oysters. Somehow still not having our fill of seafood, we head to Lillie’s Noodles, Asian Cuisine and Sushi where we are treated to the crispy dynamite shrimp, a spicy and delectable bite that hits the spot. Finally we head to Grotto, which offers a change of pace with its peperoni arrostini Siciliani, a dish based around roasted veggies that serves as a perfect balance to the fried seafood parade with which we started.

With Golden Nugget successfully under our ever-expanding belt, we head across the highway to Harrah’s Resort, where we make quick work of the tuna chino Latino ceviche at Dos Caminos. After that it’s off to Martorano’s for a Bite of their fried calamari Bibzy, followed by the oysters Rockefeller at The Steakhouse. Wait — did we just do another three seafood bites in a row at another casino? You bet we did and we aren’t regretting one Bite. That said, the palate needs a cleansing, and what better way to do so than with a Vietnamese spring roll at Oshi Modern Asian Kitchen? Sammy D’s provides the final bite of the day with their amazing Philly cheesesteak dumpling.

Full yet? Good. That should tide you over until next week.

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