As most of you know, 50 Bites added a little + to its name this year. The + was a way to let everybody know that this year’s version of the promo would be bigger and better than anything you had seen before. What that ultimately meant was more Bites.

But where were we going to get more Bites from? We had already mined A.C. for all it was worth. So we headed into the suburbs, adding 16 additional “non-A.C.” Bites to the list.

But we will worry about those next week.

For now, let’s focus on taking it easy and knocking out the small batch that makes up our last group of Bites in Atlantic City. No running around casinos this week — all are located in their own dwellings and each is more than crave-able.

We start out at Mexico Restaurant and Bar, an authentic A.C. institution which has served up some of the best chimichangas in town for years now. Luckily, the chicken version of these deep-fried burritos is the Bite this year and makes for a great start to this week’s trek.

Next we head to the lovely waterfront location that is Wonder Bar. Wonder Bar remodeled last year and it looks better than ever. Adding to the experience of course is their Philly cheesesteak spring roll, which puts an Asian twist on a Philly favorite.

With just two Bites to go we hop on over to The Iron Room. Once inside we are presented with their thick-cut bacon, which makes for a great bite and also inspires a bit of reminiscing about last year’s Iron Room Bite, the udon mac & cheese. Getting nostalgic, we order up a batch just to relive a bit (and a Bite) of last year’s glory.

The last stop on our journey takes us to the legendary Vagabond Kitchen and Tap House, where just about anything on the menu could qualify for this list. They offer up the three-way slider, a decadent blend of brisket, pulled pork and smoked maple pepper bacon topped with citrus slaw on a brioche bun. It’s the perfect way to bid farewell to the city for now.

We will be back next week for the ultimate two-day grand finale of 50 Bites+, so bring your courage, strength and most importantly your appetite!

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