Ok, so it has actually happened. We have passed the point of no return. More days have passed in the 50 Bites+ promotion than are left. This means it’s time to get serious. No more acting like youth is on our side, for this promo is quickly nearing its golden years. No more of those innocent days where you gaze casually at your lanyards and say “Eh, I’ll go tomorrow.” Like a dwarf on a swing set, we need a little push.

Why? Because just like the great Apollo Creed said in Rocky III, “There is no tomorrow … THERE IS NO TOMORROW!!!”

Get it? Good.

Now that you have all successfully focused your brains on the task at hand and are all fiercely sporting the eye of the tiger, we can proceed to this week’s navigation.

Inspired by the ease in which we tackled 10 bites last week, we have decided to up the ante and go for 11 this time. Yeah, it may seem like a lot, but if you are a real wimp you can always split it into two days. There, problem solved. Stop crying.

We start this week at Tun Tavern where their crab tater tumblers provide the perfect red carpet entrance for our feast. After that we cross the street and head to Wingcraft to down the Manhattan Project slider, which lives up to its hype nicely. Downing a craft beer or two and tipping like we are headed to our own funerals, we head over to Cavo Café for their radiatori tomato cream pasta which is lighter than you would expect.

From there — with pasta still on the brain — we stop in at Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern where the lobster and cheese ravioli is as decadent as you would expect. Starting to feel slightly full we pause to digest, then with a second wind firmly planted under our heels we sprint over to White House Subs for one of the most generous portions of 50 Bites awaits, the cheesesteak sub.

From there it’s time to class things up a bit and Dock’s Oyster House provides just the right atmosphere in which to do just that. Their Champagne leek roasted oyster is a stunningly delicious Bite and inspired by its incredible flavor we can’t resist ordering a full portion for us all to split.

Next up is Tony’s Baltimore Grill where they have never had checkered tablecloths, but do have an incredibly delicious meatball slider, which we polish off instantly before heading to Girasole which stands waiting with one of the most incredible dishes on the list, the spaghetti carbonara.

Finally, although weary and beaten down by the task at hand we head to Tropicana Atlantic City for the final three Bites of this adventure. We start in the Quarter with Cuba Libre which offers up their guava bbq rib, a tasty smoky mix of sweet and savory that more than satisfies the crowd. Next it’s Carmines where the roasted red peppers and mozzarella give us just enough energy to head over to the last stop of the day, the mighty Chickie’s and Pete’s, where a deep fried crab mac and cheese ball is the only thing standing between us and victory. It does not stand for long.

See you next week!

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