Bagel boss

Despite much hype, Chris Morgan (known as the "Angry Bagel Guy," due to a YouTube rant gone viral) pulled a no show for his planned Celebrity Boxing match against Dustin "Screech" Diamond this past Saturday, Sept. 28, at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City.

Morgan posted a video to his Twitter account hours before the planned fight in which he announced that he had never actually intended to fight. Morgan also mocked fans and those planning to attend. According to TMZ, promoter Damon Feldman is planning to sue Morgan, insisting the pint-sized viral star cost them $100,000 in lost revenue.

The fight was originally planned as a matchup between former MLB star Lenny Dykstra and Morgan, but Dykstra backed out last week and was eventually replaced by Diamond. After Morgan chickened out, filmmaker Matt Wolf took his place and suffered a quick, one-punch "knockout" at the hands of Diamond.