Certain time periods warrant a revisit. Musically speaking, the late ’60s easily makes that list and if you long to hear those psychedelic sounds you should head to Deckstock 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11, for an all-day musical tribute to the ’60s on The Deck at Golden Nugget.

Deckstock features food, drink and music from the ’60s provided by the 16-piece band Groovin’.

“Deckstock is an outrageous experience,” says Gary Weinlein, who formed Groovin’ 10 years ago. “There’s so much applause, hooting, hollering and singing along. It’s just such a fun atmosphere.”

Nearly 2,000 people come to the free event, which starts in the afternoon and goes all the way until midnight At any given time, 400 to 500 people crowd the stage to listen and enjoy the music.

“Deckstock is my favorite place to perform, hands down,” says Krista David-Donnelly, one of the singers in the band. “It’s summer. We’re near the water. There’s food and drink, and people are relaxing. They’re on vacation and having the best time. The energy of the crowd is great. It’s one of our best shows.”

Groovin’ specializes not only in the music of rock ’n’ roll legends — Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Grace Slick and Santana, among them — but also replicates the look of the these iconic performers with costumes and wigs so that viewers can glimpse the past in the present.

“This is a full re-creation of what you would see if you’d gone to a concert in the 1960s,” says Weinlein. “It is our tribute to these artists, the outfits, the hair, the style and the music of that era. We play exactly what people heard on the original recordings. If a song was 2.58 minutes, that’s how long we play it. It is our tribute to that person and that era in that time.”

Weinlein, an NFL defensive back turned guitarist, grew up with music from the ‘60s and is a self-professed devotee. “I’m time-warped,” he says. “I believe the ‘60s was the greatest era of classic rock ... nothing is like this music.”

For years, Weinlein did a Jim Morrison show — re-creating Morrison’s persona, along with his music — during the 20th anniversary of the lead singer’s death. The show then morphed into a concert series featuring the music of Morrison and Joplin with Weinlein and another performer. The concerts were so successful that Weinlein decided to form a band that could recreate the songs of many ’60s artists.

Groovin’ was born.

The band now has two tributes: “Woodstock and the Summer of Love” — featuring songs from Janis and Jim, the Mamas and Papas and Santana — and the “British Invasion Invaders” — with music from Mick Jagger, Van Morrison, Dusty Springfield and more.

David-Donnelly joined Groovin’ in 2015 as a dancer after Weinlein spotted her in a community theater production in Albany, N.Y., which is where the band members live and work.

She then sang for Weinlein, and he knew she had the vocal power to sing the music of the iconic women of the ’60s. David-Donnelly now re-creates Grace Slick, Dusty Springfield, Linda Ronstadt and Gayle McCormick.

Rather than change her voice to suit each singer, David-Donnelly matches their vocal inflections. She listens carefully to recordings to hear various intonations. She also watches videos to see how the singers moved and behaved while on stage.

With the costumes, the wigs and her vocal power, David-Donnelly sells each song, every time, says Weinlein.

Having been in the band for three years, David-Donnelly sees the universal appeal of ‘60s music.

“When people come and see the show, they’ll say they haven’t heard a (particular) song in forever. They love it, and it takes them back in time. And for people in their 30s, the music is a new experience. They didn’t grow up with it, so it doesn’t resonate with them, until they hear it. Then they start singing along.”

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