Go Go Gadjet

It’s not every day that P!nk comes to the Atlantic City Beach. And while her 5 p.m. show on Wednesday, July 12, is bound to be amazing, her after-party, featuring Go Go Gadjet at Bally’s Mountain Bar, should be the perfect high-energy way to end your evening.

Other bands may be a little intimated to be the follow-up act to an international sensation. But Jeff Tomrell takes things in stride.

“P!nk is incredible,” says Tomrell, who performs as one of three vocalists for. “To remain that relevant is pretty rare, plus she’s very empowering. I’d love every little girl in the world to be a P!nk fan.”

And while Tomrell and Go Go Gadjet are happy to perform an after-party, they’re far from riding the coattails of another performer, even one as big as P!nk. In fact, with over 10 years and 2,500 shows under their belts, they’re getting ready to take some big steps of their own.

“We want longevity,” Tomrell says adding, “I don’t want to make it to the playoffs, I want to win the championships.”

It’s not the sentiment one might normally expect from a traditional cover band. Then again, Go Go Gadjet isn’t particularly traditional.

“We’re hoping to release a series of covers with the Go Go Gadjet sound,” Tomrell says. “We don’t want to sound like one particular artist, we want to sound like Go Go Gadjet.”

What is their sound?

“We play pop music with electronic roots,” Tomrell says, adding, “We blend the sounds of modern dance music with live instrumentation, resulting in a fresh, energetic presentation.”

And it’s energy galore. The recent addition of Justine Strut added a third lead vocalist as well as an exceptional dancer.

“Now we have this dance element for these certain high-energy songs,” Tomrell says of the addition of the combined dance efforts of Strut and the third lead vocalist and dancer Rayvon Reed. “It’s added extra flavor to the show.”

“And it seems to be empowering for women watching another woman on stage just crushing it,” Tomrell says.

With an ever-growing travel schedule and big plans on the horizon, Go Go Gadjet seems well on their way to the next phase of their career.

“We just want to make our band the best it can be,” Tomrell says. “Our goal is to progress to the next level. I think our band is worthy of that.”

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