“Fake news.”

We’ve all heard it — far too many times — in recent years.

Sadly, attacks on our country’s media from our own president is nothing new. President Richard Nixon gave it a go during the Vietnam War. But this time around it’s different. And, in my opinion, much more dangerous.

For President Donald Trump to impugn the media with daily, even hourly, attacks from television to Twitter does not merely damage our media, it hurts us all.

Our job as journalists, first and foremost, is to inform. And while we at Atlantic City Weekly are entertainment driven, that in no way means that we relish in or relay any gossip, rumors or innuendo.

Therefore, we happily and staunchly stand by the Boston Globe and the numerous other news outlets around the country that are joining forces today, Thursday, Aug. 16, to defend their work and chosen profession.

Will this letter and overall call to action make a difference? I suppose that’s for history to decide.

But my team and I could not pass by this opportunity to explain to our valued readers how we feel and what we think.

We do what we do because we love it. And that’s the truth.

— Pamela Dollak, Editor*

*The opinion expressed is solely my own and does not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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