Zen Martini II

‘Zen Martini II’ is one of many works by Michael Godard on display and available for acquisition at Wentworth Gallery. Meet the artist Saturday night.

World-renowned artist Michael Godard, more commonly known as the “rock star of the art world,” will make a special appearance at Wentworth Gallery at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino from 6-9 p.m. Saturday, May 25. Godard’s signature use of olives and strawberries with martini glasses or shoes have become some of the world’s most instantly recognizable modern works. Collectors include celebrities such as Criss Angel and the cast of A&E’s “Inked,” and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

“Get ready to go crazy over the artwork of Michael Godard,” Ozzy Osbourne said in a press release.

Inspired by the death of his 16-year-old daughter in 2006, Godard’s highly collectible work is frequently dedicated to philanthropic causes. He works closely with St. Jude’s, Make a Wish, Nevada Cancer Institute and The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation. “The funds I help raise save lives and at the end of the day, it’s the most important thing I do,” Godard stated in a press release, adding, “All the money in the world cannot bring her back, but the funds I help raise for a cure will help save another child.”

Hard Rock is located at 1000 Boardwalk in Atlantic City; go to Wentworth Gallery.com.

— Pamela Dollak

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