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Developer Glenn Straub bought the $2.4 billion Revel for $82 million in bankruptcy court in August 2015. The building contains 13 restaurants, a 32,000-square-foot spa, 55,000 square feet of retail space and a parking garage with more than 7,000 spaces.

Glenn Straub will reportedly no longer be the owner of the vacant Revel property. A Colorado-based company associated with Mile High Dice MGR, LLC, has purchased the former casino from Straub, according to a notice of sale filed on Aug. 31.

Straub has been making claims for over a year about potential reopening dates for the Revel, which he attempted to rebrand as TEN. He bought the property for $82 million in bankruptcy court in August 2015, a sharp drop in price from Revel’s $2.4 billion worth. There’s been no word as to how much Mile High Dice MRG has bought the property for, and the sales document has not been filed yet.

"I have no idea, I've never talked to them," Straub said when asked about the paperwork. "They are doing this just so they can tie up our property."

Though few details have been revealed, this sale may bring new life to the massive A.C. space.

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