Nalani & Sarina

Nalani & Sarina

If you haven’t heard about the Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival yet, let us enlighten you. The brainchild of Jerry Ryan, an avid music fan, Ryan had traveled extensively to shows in Philadelphia and New York when he decided to bring the music to him. “I knew I could bring that same scene to the Atlantic City area, only better, because we have round-the-clock entertainment and the beaches.”

Now in its 10th year, the Annual Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival continues to bring over 100 of the most exciting indie bands together for a three-day celebration. Here are four reasons to get there for the 10-year anniversary.

1 Discover a new favorite band. The thing about a lot of indie bands is that you may never have heard of them. Or their songs. But as true music aficionados know, listening to indie bands is the best way to expose yourself to new sounds, new musicians, and new styles. With 110 indie bands on the docket — including headliners Nalani & Sarina, CVGES, The Danbees, Dentist, and Megan Knight — everyone should be able to find their new favorite band.

2 Celebrate a good cause. While the music takes center stage, Ryan — who also produces the charity festival Elephants for Autism each spring — donates a portion of his proceeds to Muzique, a music program in the Mount Holly area that helps with free music lessons and instruments for special-needs children. So you’ll be having fun and making a difference. Win/win.

3 Be a star. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Elephant Talk Indie Music Fest, Ryan, along with members of his film crew, Jarred Ahdreski and Brandon Smith, will create a documentary of the festival. His goal? A “beautiful film that encapsulates the Atlantic City music scene in its purest energy.” In addition to including footage from the past 10 years, the filmmakers will interview bands at The Watering Hole during the festival. You never know, this could be your chance to shine.

4 Indulge in some great grub and drinks. During the festival the Watering Hole, home to Best of the Press Bartender Ryan Beane, will feature $2 Rolling Rocks, $5 shots and $7 drinks of Pink Elephants, Blue Elephants and Elephants Mud Bath, and $5 and $6 appetizers. While you’re there, try Byron’s BBQ Balls, the Onion Petals or Corn Fritters, or Randy’s METH drink made with Jamison, peach coconut rum, and red bull — you won’t be sorry.

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