1. The Boats. How could this not be the No. 1 reason? We all know that if you are coming to a boat show, it’s probably for the boats. And that makes sense as the Atlantic City Boat show features everything from small personal watercraft to fishing boats and yachts. If it floats, it’s here. And whether you are seriously in the market for a boat or not, the Atlantic City Boat Show makes for a heck of a good time. “It’s a great way to spend the day ... sort of walking around and feeding your fantasies about owning a boat,” says Marine Surveyor Captain Rob Cozen, an expert in all things boat-related.

2. You have a passion for the sea. While it can be hard to define why, for as long as anyone can remember man has had a love for the sea. “I think it’s a natural attraction to be driven toward the water,” Cozen says. “Most of us somehow or other have had experiences on the water and it’s everyone’s dream to own their own boat, regardless of whether they are fishermen or just pleasure boaters.”

3. You can’t miss the WaterCar. Adding a sort of circus freakshow aspect to the boatshow this year, the WaterCar will provide guests plenty to stare at in amazement. Is it a car? Yes. Is it a boat? Again, yes. In fact, in less than 15 seconds this amphibious vehicle can go from driving on land to cruising the seas. What could possibly be cooler than that? (Answer: nothing.)

4. You’ve always wanted a boat … and you just might be ready to pull the trigger. Buying a boat is on a lot of bucket lists around the world. Many people have dreamt of someday leaving it all behind and sailing the high seas. And while it may not be a reality for all, for those who have just been waiting for the right time, the AC Boat show just might inspire you to take that leap. “I imagine a good bit of it is an impulse thing,” Cozen speculates. “You see a boat that you finally fall in love with and that’s it.”

5. It’s all about the Captain’s Table. For the fourth year in a row, the Captain’s Table dinner will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, March 1 at the convention center. This event offers guests a mix of culinary delights, and mouth-watering desserts from more than a dozen of the top chefs and restaurants in the area. It also features live entertainment and an assortment of fine spirits to complement the meal. Tickets are $125 per person and include admission to the boat show.

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