1 Fresh on the scene. The day and nightlife scenes at the Chelsea Hotel haven’t truly been in the spotlight as far as Atlantic City attractions. But the Chelsea Beach Bar, which opened about four weeks ago, is already drawing in crazy crowds, even as the summer comes to a close. While beachfront bars and beach-view bars are relatively common, bars that are actually right on a beach are still a rare and difficult-to-find species in New Jersey. For now, admission is free, and you can rent an umbrella or lounge section for $15 per day.

2 Experience great breach bar service. For a place that has not established a set-in-stone happy hour, the bar fills up quickly in the late afternoon into the evening. The drink menu is lengthy and includes signature cocktails, frozen tropical drinks, martinis and ice cold beers. Beers such as Corona, Miller Lite, Sam Adams and Blue Moon range from $4 to $7. Cocktails and other drinks including Sex on the Beach, Blue Long Island and Frozen Mudslide start at $10. The beach party offers tasty food items from Teplitzky’s and Celebrity Corner restaurants, along with their bar bites ($7 to $15).

3 What makes a party great? Music. One of the most important things about a venue like this is the music, and The Chelsea Beach Bar gets that. Exotic tiki island-y music plays during the morning hours until crowds really start to seep in off the boardwalk. DJs and live bands take over the raised, wooden stage around dusk and they choose a setlist based on who’s there. The bar attracts all ages and demographics, so everyone can relax or rock out to music at the ocean’s edge.

4 Pass the hookah. Before the Chelsea Beach Bar, the only other place that served hookah was Bungalow Beach Bar for $30 per blow stand, with $2 coal refills. Chelsea’s Beach Bar has an unbeatable flat rate of $25 all day. Choose from flavors such as strawberry, mango, peach or pineapple. Order one and have the waitresses deliver it to your lounge area or smoke it right at the bar to feel relaxed in no time while breathing in the ocean air.

5 The interior scheme was well thought out. Long time Architectural Designer Cynthia Cortopassi created the vision of Chelsea Beach Bar. Known for designing casino venues, nursing homes and shopping malls in the area, Cortopassi brought a new generation of ambiance to the A.C. Boardwalk. A wooden trail leads you to the entrance, so no sand gets in your toes. The place is fenced off with skinny, pine wood panels and the tiki hut bar sits in the center with a bamboo bottom and ruby red counter tops, chairs and about 15 couches and cabanas surrounding it.


OWNER: Domenico Gaggiano

OPENED: July 2015

EVOLUTION: Gaggiano said when the Atlantic Club closed, there wasn’t much action happening on that side of the Boardwalk. He started this project last September as another amenity that adds to the enticement of coming to The Chelsea. He also mentioned that this spot keeps the Boardwalk lively in the summer and brings friendly competition to other beach bars.


WHERE: The Chelsea Hotel, South Chelsea Avenue and Boardwalk, Atlantic City

WHEN: Open everyday from 11 a.m. to until

HOW BIG: 180

WHAT TO WEAR: Beach attire, laid-back casual

WHAT YOU’LL HEAR: Local bands and DJs spinning a wide range of tunes, based on the crowd

WHO’S THERE: 18 and older for hookah smokers, 21 and older to drink

HOW MUCH: No cover. Bar bites $7 to $15, drinks $10 to $12, beer $4 to $7, hookah $25

MORE INFO: TheChelsea-AC.com or 800-548-3030

COMING: Starting 11 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, the bar will serve a beer and shot for just $5 every night.

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