‘Underdog’ inspires NFL underdogs

Leonard Dozier, 37, of Egg Harbor City, works on a script for NFL Films in his home studio in his bedroom. Tuesday October 4, 2016. (Viviana Pernot/ Staff Photographer)

With The Philadelphia Eagles heading for the fight of their lives against the heavily favored New Orleans Saints this Sunday, the team is certainly what one would describe as an “underdog.” And once again they have adopted the song “Underdog” by local singer/actor Leonard Dozier to inspire a win in this year’s playoff matchup.

Interestingly enough, Dozier’s song was not intended to have anything to do with football. In an interview on Fox 29 this past April, Dozier described it as being for "people who are disillusioned and disenfranchised, as a pick-me-up song."

But despite its origins, Eagles fans have adopted the tune as their own, first putting the song behind a montage of video clips of the team, and now using it as a rallying cry for the playoffs.

"The song seems to be a theme of the team, which really rises as an underdog and wears underdog masks," said Dozier in a recent press release. "It seems again, as they continue in the playoffs, that the football gods are on their side."

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