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In simple terms, Sheri Horn Hasan is a professional astrologer. But she prefers the title “archetypal psychological evolutionary astrologer.”

“Archetypal (means) ... I look at themes in charts that transcend time … they represent stories, timeless stories,” says the Monmouth County-based astrologer who works from her home office, as well as conducts in-person consultations. “‘Psychological’ is I look at patterns formed by charts (and) read them to see how people may manifest them in this lifetime. They seek an astrologer out the same way they seek out psychologists. I help them with issues they want to work out.

“Evolutionary is about karma — about the evolution of the soul. It’s based on the concept that the soul chooses,” continues Hasan, who provides “forecasts” as opposed to “predictions.” “I read the chart to make people become aware of how they can come into their highest potential. It all has to do with consciousness.”

Linda Shields may be better known in these parts as “The Jersey Shore Medium.” She’s clairaudient, which means that she hears from those who have passed on, as opposed the kid in “The Sixth Sense” who sees dead people.

She tours throughout the region, with an upcoming show at Tropicana on Feb. 3. In addition to her medium powers, Shields also does tarot card readings.

We — Pamela, Ryan and Rebecca, the editorial staff at Atlantic City Weekly — spoke with both women to see if they could look into the future to uncover what’s in store for Atlantic City in 2018, as well as what the future held for each of us. But first, a little background on each one’s psychic ability.

Sheri Horn Hasan, archetypal psychological evolutionary astrologer

“Astrology is a tool for soul growth and great conscientiousness,” Hasan says. “The reading of a chart awakens to true potential. Astrology is learned — used to interpret planets, signs and symbols. The natal chart (derived from when and where you were born) is a blueprint for your soul. We have no control over who we are introduced to — family, teachers and the like. But we grow up and we want to know more about our souls.

“Charts show us dilemmas that may arise during the course of a lifetime and patterns that may hold us back,” she continues. “Many ask, ‘What’s my true purpose? Why am I here?’ I studied long and hard the archetypal meanings of planets. It’s a road map, a soul plan … psychic capability is not required. We need intuition. We are all intuitive, but we must believe it and trust it.”

Hasan says that creativity comes from our intuitive sense and that people need to allow themselves to be inspired.

“(Creativity) is not just sculpture, art or dance. To me it’s about freedom of expression. Many are told we don’t have the right to freely express ourselves. We have that right — and it starts with allowing ourselves to trust our guts.

“You find a lot of people (older) very successful — they say, ‘What was it all for? I have it all, but why am I not happy?’ That goes to the heart of it. When you understand what you want, trust your intuition, it leads you to inspiration and that leads you to action.”

Linda Shields, The Jersey Shore Medium

Linda Shields has been using her psychic powers since she was 8 years old. She uses them to hear (clairaudient) and to taste or smell (clairsensient). She is also an empath, which means that she can physically feel something during a reading — for example, the pain of how someone may have died.

Her readings often bring closure to those who desperately need it.

“Spirits will often let us know what is going on in our lives,” she states on her website. “They are trying to help, and (let us know) … so we can be aware of possible changes that may be coming into our lives.”

Here’s what they had to say about the future of Atlantic City:

Sheri Horn Hasan says that Atlantic City, which was founded by Dr. Jonathan Pitney in 1854 and originally used as a “seaside health resort,” was “born with a South Node to Scorpio, the sign of transformation.” Scorpio also represents “wealth in the form of joint resources and other people’s money.”

Hasan says that, karmically, places are no different than people. That said, Atlantic City is supposed to transform slowly toward stability, according to its karmic makeup.

“We all know that A.C. has morphed from being purely a seaside resort in its early days to a Prohibition-era renegade, which brought in organized crime leaders from around the nation, to a legal gambling enterprise when Resorts International opened in 1978.

“What’s really interesting about Atlantic City’s karmic make up, is that it seems to have waylaid from its original purpose as a health-oriented resort town into one that saw huge developmental growth and expansion — in the form of hotels, nightclubs, Steel Pier entertainment and so on, in its early years to the era of gambling. This straying from its original purpose took A.C. off its karmic journey … the powers that be — the rich pooling their money and resources, a Scorpio theme, mind you — were beguiled with a ‘bigger, bigger, bigger’ mentality.”

Of course the bigger-is-better theme succeeded for a while in A.C., then failed for a while, but Hasan reveals that Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, is now on course to bring positive aspects to A.C.’s karmic journey, which will bode well for whatever plans A.C. may have for its next transformation.

However, around July, Hasan claims that A.C. will show signs of some decision-making challenges with regard to its future. In other words, some folks may bring up that “more, more, more” mentality of days gone by. But by the end of the year, Saturn will move in to help stabilize the situation.

“My sense is that A.C. is being given the opportunity over this next year to plant seeds of returning to its roots in terms of a future that’s more about a healthy lifestyle, related to its natural gifts: obviously the beach, the boardwalk and bringing people to invest in real estate — not big, grandiose hotels and casinos, but everyday folks buying houses, townhouses, condos and apartments,” Hasan says. “(With) Taurus (coming in) there is a connection to land and natural resources because it is an ‘earthy’ sign, and with Saturn in Capricorn over the next three years (also a strong earth sign), that indicates the possibility of putting down roots in the surrounding land as a way toward future prosperity.”

Linda Shields, The Jersey Shore Medium, came up with a similar outlook for Atlantic City.

“Atlantic City has a big comeback coming,” she says excitedly. “I have high hopes for A.C.”

Those high hopes include many new family-friendly options and a “big influx of money.”

“The days of ‘hands being tied’ are done,” she claims. “Atlantic City had to die to be reborn. The sun will shine in February (metaphorically speaking), and there will be slow-and-steady growth. By February 2019, A.C. will have a big turnaround. It won’t be able to keep up with the progress.”

Shields believes Atlantic City’s new Mayor Frank Gilliam will be “instrumental in getting things going,” as well as the new Stockton University campus. There will be a slow burn throughout winter, but by spring the “fun” will start. She ventures that gaming will change, an “iPlay America”-type venue is on its way, and Revel will be torn down.

“I’m real happy for Atlantic City,” Shields beams.

Forecasts and predictions for us:

What Sheri Horn Hasan forecasts for Ryan:

•My birth date and time of my birth evidently makes me even more Cancer-ish than your average Cancer. Couldn’t they come up with a better name for my star sign? Or at least a less-deadly disease?

• Family is very important to me. Naturally.

• I need to be in the traditional role in my family as the breadwinner. If my plan was to be raking in the dough, I must have made a wrong turn somewhere …

What Linda Shields (as the medium) uncovered for Ryan:

• A friend who passed away years ago in a motorcycle accident apparently is with me a lot. He rides in my car with me. For obvious reasons I never let him take the wheel.

What Linda Shields (as the tarot card reader) uncovered for Ryan:

• By the summer I am going to feel antsy and in need of starting something new. Well that makes sense. Who has ever been in need of starting something old?

• I will have more money by the end of the summer. No complaints here.

• I shouldn’t gamble on things. Sorry A.C., doctor’s orders.

• I shouldn’t sell my house. Wasn’t planning to, so ha!

• I should be careful if I don’t want children. Either way, I’m going to deny it till I end up on Maury.

• I have perfect judgment and should never second guess myself. Perfect judgement? As a teenager, I nearly got myself arrested for throwing a soda can out of a car window. While I found it amusing at the time, it would be tough to file this act under the “perfect judgment” label.

What Sheri Horn Hasan uncovered for Rebecca:

• I’m a Pisces with a Gemini rising moon, which means I’m a very creative and sensitive person, which I can back up with the fact that I recently cried while watching “Elf.”

• I should be careful not to cling to a romanticized, rose-colored view of the world or my goals. Time to take off these glasses that I didn’t know I was wearing.

• My perfectionism wounds me, (ow!) and I should let that go.

• This upcoming year is a time for consolidation, saving money and meditating. Ommmm.

• I have a progressive moon, which means I can visualize my goals and use my energy to make it happen.

What Linda Shields (as the medium) uncovered for Rebecca:

• I don’t know anyone who’s dead. And I’m hoping to keep it that way this year.

What Linda Shields (as the tarot card reader) uncovered for Rebecca:

• I won’t move out of my parents’ house until next fall, much to my — and their — chagrin. I’ll try to move out in July but it will fall through.

• I’ll meet a romantic partner in April, who I won’t like at first, but I shouldn’t trust my initial judgment on this one. So, interested (and interesting!) men, please email, but wait until April.

• I’m my own worst enemy in the upcoming year, and I’ll need to make a decision and stick to it. Us water symbols can be wishy washy.

• I need to clean out my closets — both physically and mentally.

• The kitten I recently found and adopted is very spiritual, which makes sense because there was truly some divine intervention on behalf of my mother letting me keep her (see point one for context).

What Sheri Horn Hasan forecasts for Pamela:

Like Atlantic City, Hasan had to begin with my birthday and place of birth. She stresses, however, that she can’t determine where a person is on karmic journey, just where they may go. That said, Hasan saw that I came into this world with a Gemini sun with a moon in Libra and Cancer rising, which means, she says, “several different things.” Whether you believe it to be truth or just fun mumbo jumbo, here’s my forecast:

• I have a very strong intuitive sense, but I may be confused by it. I definitely sense that. I think ...

• There is conflict or a dichotomy within me — I want to be seen and heard, but I’m ultimately shy. This is true. Put me on a stage to perform and I’m fine. Put me in a crowd at a party and I may clam up.

• I want to be different and have many ideas that people may say are crazy. Yup.

• I should be part of a humanitarian mission ... I have a calling to educate people or have people understand that no man is an island.

Pluto is going through my 7th house, which is the house of partnership — of any kind (significant other, work, friends) — and will remain there for a couple of years. Because of this, my relationships will transform.

• My significant other is “smart, special and not me.” Very true, super true and definitely true.

• Hasan told me that I shouldn’t “hide light under a bushel” and believes I’ve hidden too much of my intuitive nature — that I’m artistic and need to express that more. Time to break out the crayons.

• I’ve let go of the need for personal adulation and sublimate it now for a group’s need. My latest motto is: “there is no ‘i’ in team.”

• By the end of 2018, Saturn starts coming into the 7th house, and will have me looking at partnerships (love, family, work) in the “cold, hard light of day” without romanticizing them.

• I need to figure out who I want to stay in my life and who should not stay in my life — relationships should be equal and there’s no sense in wasting time with people who are wasting time.

• The universe is asking me to let go, meaning I need to make space for something or someone new that’s better for me. It does not mean, however, that someone will leave my life.

• Success will come as long as I work hard and don’t cheat anyone. Makes sense to me.

• I may make a move by August, September or October — which could mean a change in residence, career or a simple redecorating project.

• There is a propensity for change in the New Year and I need to trust things that I can’t necessarily see or hear.

• Lastly, I should keep my eye on the prize as well as have a humanitarian bent — it’s not about me.

What Linda Shields uncovered for Pamela:

Shields took the dual role of medium and tarot card reader. The difference? “Tarot cards tell me what we know in life and give me info to predict the future; for the medium (role) I hear from the deceased.”

The moment she turned over the first tarot card it didn’t seem like things would go well for me. She emitted a huge sigh — and not of relief. It was about a relationship of mine — how something not-so great would happen in January but there would be a turnaround in April. Suddenly she asked if something happened in a relationship during those months in 2017. Indeed it did. Shields said that sometimes the past does come through in the cards, so it all made sense that it was in January and April of this year. She went even further to say that this person with whom I am in a relationship had a “big wake-up call” after a friend passed away last year. While a tarot card reading can almost be like piecing together a puzzle, the picture does eventually start to appear and things become clear.

I was also happy to know that my pop-pop came through during the medium part of our session. He was the dearest man I ever knew and I was very close to him. Shields said the he is “always listening” and “imparts so much wisdom.” Yep. That’s him all right.

With regard to money, she said things will improve in that category after my birthday (June), and that it’s time to spend some money on myself — which I rarely, if ever, do.

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