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When you see payback percentages listed for video poker games “with expert strategy,” players need to understand that betting maximum coins is part of expert play.

When readers relay tales of their gambling exploits, they’re almost always taking a victory lap. Everybody loves to relive their big wins.

The put bet in craps is not exactly one of the topics high on readers’ request list. Nevertheless, in one November week I received three emails requesting additional information.

For those Game of Thrones superfans out there, winter is not coming. It’s already here. With one wintry storm already in the books for our region, while the season may be technically a few weeks away, the weather has arrived just in time for the holiday season.

From time to time, table games inventors ask if I’ll take a look at their games, whether just to add my input or for a little publicity. I can’t get to every game – if I did, this column would be strictly a new games report.

Q. The straight flush payoffs in video poker really bother me. They are so rare. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for getting something that rare? They pay less than four of a kind in a lot of games.

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and Atlantic City casinos are offering special deals and discounts to veterans and active duty military. Offers are valid only on Nov. 11, unless otherwise indicated, and proper ID is required. Some restrictions may apply. Visit the casinos’ player loyalty card center…

Way back in the 1990s, I met Brett at a seminar. He was a slot player — strictly three reels in those days — and he wanted to learn something about table games.

Whether it’s because we’ve been amped up on a month’s worth of pumpkin spice lattes, the excitement of having seen all the runway looks during Fashion Week, or the fact that holiday season is but a few weeks away, October is one of those months that gets us in the mood to shop. We can offici…

Casinos attract players from such a broad cross-section of the population that it would be surprising if they didn’t also bring a broad sample of quirks.

Q. I have a question about regression as it applies to gambling, but what leads me into it is baseball.

Whether it’s the nostalgia of going back to school and the start of a new year that’s forever ingrained in our minds, or simply the change in seasons that suddenly breathes new life into our mundane routines, fall signals a fresh, clean slate. And often that means adding some new items to ou…

When my old blackjack-playing buddy Bob and I get together, the talk doesn't always center on the game of 21. We've known each other long enough that talking blackjack usually means rehashing oft-told tales.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way in May for states to legalize sports betting, New Jersey, Delaware and Mississippi have quickest off the mark.

While sports betting is legal in New Jersey, your knowledge of football could win some big bucks or free slot play — and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

Over the past week, I had a series of pretty important meetings at work, with some pretty important folks from out of town, Las Vegas to be specific, which included some hours of down time and casual team-building activities in between.

Whenever I’m in a casino for the first time or the first time in a long while, I like to take a long walk around the casino floor to get the lay of the land.