Building a successful slot machine involves multiple elements. There needs to be an eye-catching theme and graphics to attract players, intriguing elements such as bonus events and jackpots and the right math to yield a mix of payout frequency and shot at a big payoff.

That all needs a strong platform to showcase the features to their best advantage, lest players choose a competitor’s game, instead.

Incredible Technologies is showcasing games on its new Infinity V55 cabinet, and one of the hot new games making its way into casinos now is Heat ‘Em Up Power Wheel.

Let’s take the game first.

Heat Em Up Power Wheel is a five-reel video slot, each reel three symbols deep. It has a classic look with 7s, bars, bells and cherries among the symbols.

On the main reels, Instant Stacks can bring instant wins. The stacked symbols say “Heat ’Em Up” and they power up your credit meter any time full stacks land on reels 2 and 4.

Whenever three Power Wheel symbols are scattered on the reels, it’s time for a trip to the wheel. You could win credit awards, with a second wheel spinning to either multiply your winnings or give you another shot at the main wheel.

Alternatively, you could win one of six progressive jackpots, or you could hit the “Bonus” wedge and advance to the Super Power Up event. That involves a stack of bonus wheels, with the secondary wheel showing you just how tall the bonus Tower of Wheels will be — you could power up through seven wheels.

When the bonus launches¸ the bottom wheel on your tower spins first. Each space on the wheel brings a credit award. Some spaces also include an up arrow.

If the wheel does not stop on an arrow space, you collect your bonus and go back to the regular game. But if it does contain an arrow, you collect your bonus and you get a spin of the next wheel up.

If you have a seven-wheel tower and get the up arrows to power up through seven wheels — well, that’s slot magic.

The game looks terrifict on the Infinity V55. The cabinet features a huge 4K, vertical 55-inch monitor for ultra-high resolution on the largest core-product cabinet in the slot industry. Its towering size makes it easy to spot for players, but it’s also easy to place for casinos with its standard 28-inch base.

“We are so excited about the successful launch of our Infinity V55 cabinet after its debut at Global Gaming Expo this past year, and we are proud of the continued nationwide rollout still in full effect,” said Director of Product Marketing Caitlin Harte.

Heat ‘Em Up Power Wheel is one of four initial games on the Infinity V55. It’s in the Power Wheel game family along with Fate of the 8 Power Wheel, which I wrote about a couple of months ago.

Also on the Infinity V55 are Crazy Money Gold and Rays of Egypt, making up the GoldLink game family.

Incredible Technologies introduced itself to the casino industry at Global Gaming Expo in 2009. It began with distribution in three states. That’s grown to 29 states plus Canada, Mexico and Caribbean destinations.

“The casino industry is much like the entertainment business — it’s content driven, in search of hits that can turn into franchises,” said Vice President, Sales and Marketing Dan Schrementi. “We are most proud of the fact that our place in the industry is based on original content, with a signature look and feel that has built a fan base with an entertainment-seeking slot player.”

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