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From the time it entered the casino market a decade ago, Incredible Technologies has been know for eye-catching slot machines and games with a difference.

In the coming months, you’ll see more of the above with new games including Clinko: King of Bling, Clinko: Winning Wall, Fireworks Festival and Sky Dragons.

All are on Incredible’s Infinity V55 platform with 4K resolution on a vertical 55-inch monitor for a towering presence that no passer-by can miss.

Let’s check out some the games to watch.

Clinko: King of Bling and Clinko: Winning Wall both feature the Clinko bonus trigger. A Clinko ball falls from the top of the screen on random spins, drops peg to peg, and if it lands on an icon for a game feature, it could bring pumped up symbols, added wild symbols or multipliers – all good news for your credit meter.

The first is the latest version of King of Bling, a longtime Incredible Technologies favorite with a nod toward hip-hop. The base game in the really gets hopping in the Pump Up da Club bonus, where players and a DJ can scratch the record for bigger wins. With three progressive-levels, it’s a thrill-packed game.

Winning Wall also has three progressive levels. It adds to the intrigue by enabling you to win on the wall. Here, the Clinko pegs include jackpot icons. It takes only one Minor peg to win that pot, while you win the Major by accumulating two and the Grand by accumulating three pegs.

Nearly every slot manufacturer has rolled out Asian-themed games that have proved popular with players. Incredible Technologies has put its own spin on the themes with Sky Dragons and Fireworks Festival.

Fireworks Festival is a 50-line game that makes explosive use of Incredible’s Stack 2 Stack game dynamic. When two stacks of fireworks symbols touch, they pop, bang and sizzle to reveal instant credit awards. Players may also could up to 20 free spins.

The Red Envelope feature offers the chance to win credit awards. When Red Envelopes scatter on the e reels, players may pick all but one, with a prize behind each. So if there are five envelopes on the screen, you have four picks to boost your bankroll.

Sky Dragons starts with a typical grid of five reels, each three symbols deep, but when dragons appear in the sky, they can expand the reels, with 5-by-7 as the maximum. All those extra symbols create extra opportunities to win on a game with three progressives and up to 20 free spins.


Another slot cabinet, the Infinity Skybox, has been a huge attention-grabber for Incredible. It starts with a 23-inch monitor, then adds a 55-inch monitor on top. You can’t miss a display like that.

The latest for the Skybox is Lady of the Tower, which introduces a new Sky Tower family of games. Lady of the Tower starts as a 30-line game with four progressive levels, but it can be so much more. As you look up the tower monitor, there are four additional sets of reels. When two Tower Spin scatter on the main reels, they unlock a random number of reel sets – you could get one extra set, all four, or something in between. When all sets are unlocked, you could have 150 paylines working.

That gives you extra chances to win, and in a hot streak sets you up for some incredible boosts to your credit meter.

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