Once again, greetings and salutations. And what a historic night Friday, July 10, was when we had our 50-year reunion of the Discophonic TV Scene. Sadly, many of those kids who danced with us when we started back in 1965, such as Plastic Legs, Rubber Legs, Mikey Dugan, Bernie Weber and so many more, are no longer with us. But many who are today came to Memories to meet, reacquaint, dance, reminisce and continue the legacy.

The Discophonic Scene was the first syndicated show coast to coast that featured the greatest dancers from the tri-state area doing all the dances, not just the ones that were featured on American Bandstand. There will never be another like it. A great big hug to all of you who made it possible and reunited at Memories to be Yon Teens again, including Eileen Blue Eyes, Sharon, Marie, Little Maria and Maria Elena, South Philly Lil, Little Caesar, Bernie, Dave, Sue Pasta, John, Bobby, Linda, Ro, Eddie, Debbie, Ray, Loretta, Ed, Janet, Barbara and Wayne. You still have all the moves.

And if you were listening to our live broadcast on KOOL 98.3, you know that it was nothing but stars all weekend long. In addition to the Discophonic kids, we had visits from State Senator Larry Farnese, Fred Shabel and his lovely wife, Irene, with Mary Campbell, along with the Conan O'Brien lookalike, sisters Angela and Linda DeSantis, all the way from Acapulco, along with my pal Tommy O'Leary, who celebrated his birthday with the Longport crew at Memories.

And as the summer moves on, not only does the weather gets hotter but so do the folks who join us at Memories and dance the night away. You can hear it live starting 5 p.m. Fridays and 7 p.m. Saturdays on Cruisin' 92.1 and KOOL 98.3. And you do know that we are at the shore five nights a week during the summer - check Geator.net for the complete schedule, including my radio broadcasts and live appearances.

And now, time for your questions.

A very long time ago I listened to your show and would hear what started as "60 seconds makes one minute, 60 makes one hour and out of 24 hours" -- and I don't remember the rest. Can you help? -- Ann Redmond, Philadelphia

When I first went on radio after winning the craps shoot in 1961, I did a talk show from the Venus Lounge. When the snowstorm closed the club that night and I started to play rock 'n' roll, the impact was sensational, so I had to come up with a way to introduce the new show, something different and unique which would be indicative of what it was about. I did the new show from the studios underneath the Camden City Hall clock, which I could see going across the bridge from Philly, and that's where I came up with the idea for the opening, which went like this: "Sixty seconds make one minute, 60 minutes make one hour, 24 hours make one day and out of that 24 hours, two and a half hours are dedicated by the Yon Teenager to the hippest show on the radio, so without further ado let's carry on through now - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and it went right into my theme song.

Jerry, help this South Philly bro keep rocking by letting me know who made this song with these lyrics: "Dry your eyes, don't you cry, for your true love is standing by . . ." This song was out back in the day and there are not too many left who have heard it. Be blessed this year. -- Lester Gibbs, Harrington, Del.

Thank you, my friend. That song was called "Dry Your Eyes," recorded for the Jamie label in 1956 by a great but little known South Philly group called the Inspirations - not the same as the white Southern gospel group the Inspirations and not the same song as "Dry Your Eyes" by Brenda & the Tabulations.

Have you been to Chazz Palmintieri's restaurant in Baltimore? -- Pasqual Vallese, Bensalem, Pa.

No, I never made it, even though I had been invited many times and unfortunately it is now closed. As a matter of fact with my crazy schedule I hardly even get a chance to hang out in New York any more. But for Italian food I heard Chazz's place, which was co-owned by the folks who have Aldo's in Little Italy, was the spot to be.

We love listening to oldies when we cruise the Chesapeake in our boat. My husband was wondering why in none of your music collection albums or CDs have you ever included the song "Human" sung by Tommy Hunt? -- John and Cathy from Clayton, Del.

That happens to be one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists. I go back with Tommy to when he sang with the Flamingos. I do intend to use that song in one of my upcoming CDs entitled "Great Voices," which will include Roy Hamilton, Jerry Butler, Jackie Wilson, Timi Yuro, Lavern Baker, Irma Thomas and many more.

Got a question for the Geator? Send it to geatorella@yahoo.com, watch this column for the answer - and remember, keep on rocking, 'cause you only rock once!

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