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Credit where credit is due

If you’re not getting complimentary rooms, meals and drinks at your favorite casino, you probably pull out a credit card – using cash solely for gratuities that aren’t covered by these freebies, or to tip a beverage server on the casino floor.

So why not use your credit card to fund wagers on a slot machine or purchase chips at a table game?

You may be able to in the not too distant future.

“Why is the casino floor one of the last cash-only businesses on Earth, right down there with garage sales and flea markets?” American Gaming Association CEO Bill Miller asked during a recent gaming conference.

Gaming equipment manufacturers, like Everi Holdings and Scientific Games, are leading the way with a virtual wallet that allows players to use their mobile devices to load credit or debit card information, which are tied to their player loyalty account.

Players then make cash withdrawals at the casino cage or a kiosk – a “work around” to avoid actually putting a credit card directly into a slot machine. In other words, players don’t have to physically take their Visa, American Express or MasterCard and insert it into a slot machine.

The app also gives players control over how much money they can withdraw. Through integration with Everi’s proprietary software and full-service kiosks, “CashClub Wallet” enables players to easily utilize and store multiple payment methods, and move funds into and around the casino.

It’s now being tested at two large American Indian casinos that the company believes will provide a variety of information about customer usage and acceptance.

Everi is hopeful the application could be available on other gaming floors later this year.

Since gaming customers already use credit and debit cards or their mobile devices with digital wallets and Apple Pay, having casino floors transition toward cashless payments is a key gaming industry initiative.

Casino executives believe that customers are going to demand electronic payments, as they would in any other retail or commercial industry.

Thanks a million

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