Burger bash 4 is just around the corner. That means 19 of the top burger spots in South Jersey will go head to head and grill to grill to decide who makes the best beef on a bun. Guests will be able to sample an unlimited amount of slider-sized burgers from each restaurant and vote for their favorite. There will also be a trio of esteemed judges handing out their awards for the Top 3 burgers. And to make sure the party rocks, there will be live music from LeCompt along with drink specials, T-shirts and more.

Tickets are on sale now at ACWeekly.com/Burgerbash. General admission is $30. VIP is $45 and comes with a free t-shirt and one hour early entry to the event. Grab yours today before they sell out.

This week we thought we would give everyone a sneak peak at some of the competitors, along with a rundown of what they bring to the table.

Fighter: MDB Burger

Dojo: Margate Dairy Bar

Secret weapons: Simplicity, Martin’s Potato Rolls

Why it could win: A simple all-American classic, Margate Dairy Bar’s MDB Burger wowed both crowds and judges last year, taking home 1st place in both categories thanks to its straightforward, no-nonsense approach as well as its size and amazing backyard cookout style flavor. A Pat LaFrieda blend of ground short rib and brisket topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and a “secret sauce” on one of their branded potato roll buns, this is the burger every restaurant at Burger Bash will be looking to take down this year.

Fighter: Vic’s Burger

Dojo: Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, Golden Nugget

Secret weapons: A double cheese attack

Why it could win: Vic & Anthony’s may be best known for steaks, but do you know what you get when you grind up that prime beef instead of serving it as a steak? Yup, here it is. And the blend of both white cheddar and american cheeses with some smokey bacon just might win the judges over.

Fighter: Mini B Slider

Dojo: Bill’s Bar & Burger, Golden Nugget

Secret weapons: Caramelized onions, special sauce

Why it could win: A lot of these burgers on our list were originally intended as full size behemoths, which means they have to adapt to the slider size on the fly for Burger Bash. But the Mini B was always intended to be this way, so they’re already right in their comfort zone, while most competitors are still figuring things out.

Fighter: The Michael Patrick Burger

Dojo: Michael Patrick’s Brasserie, Golden Nugget

Secret weapon: Sugar bacon

Why it could win: A classic bacon cheeseburger is one thing, but when you add in the Martin’s potato roll, you get people’s attention. And opting for sugar bacon over the traditional version is bound to wake up more than a few taste buds.

Fighter: Bacon Pretzel Burger

Dojo: AC Burger Co., Harrah’s Resort

Secret weapons: Pretzel bun, mustard aioli

Why it could win: Last year AC Burger Co. took home second place in the judges category. This year, they may just want it bad enough to unseat the champ.

Fighter: Chelsea Five Turkey Burger

Dojo: Chelsea Five Gastropub, Tropicana

Secret weapons: Fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic caramelized onions

Why it could win: Being that it’s the only non-beef based burger on the list, Chelsea Five’s Turkey Burger automatically stands out from the pack by default. But besides that, the use of some very unusual ingredients like basil and balsamic caramelized onions are sure to make many fall in love with it.

Fighter: Ramsay Burger Slider

Dojo: Gordon Ramsay Steak, Harrah’s Resort

Secret weapons: Vidalia Onion aioli, short rib blend patty

Why it could win: Gordon Ramsay is a legend and any burger coming out of his steakhouse is going to be delicious. But what really gives this burger a shot at the gold is the high-end ingredients — Raclette cheese topping a patty made from a short rib blend is going to be tough to beat, no matter who you are.

For more info and to purchase tickets, go to ACWeekly.com/BurgerBash.com

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