Golden Nugget Atlantic City has always been on the cutting edge as far as entertainment is concerned. They have consistently brought in some of the biggest names in live music and stand-up comedy, and their recent addition of online gaming with live dealers has shown them to be ahead of the curve in just about every medium of entertainment.

But a reality TV show? Now that is a first.

The show in question is CNBC’s “Billion Dollar Buyer.” On the cusp of its second season, BDB deals with a billionaire business tycoon —in this case Chairman, CEO and sole shareholder of Landry’s Inc. (not to mention five Golden Nugget locations) Tilman Fertitta — who in each episode sits down with two small businesses who specialize in certain product types, with the potential to make huge life-changing deals with each.

“My company is so big, we buy so much everything from steaks to seafood, makeup to clothes,” Fertitta remarks. “We have a huge retail division, a hotel division, restaurants, gaming — it could be soap, it could be anything.”

How does he have the means to change lives with one purchase? Well, at $2 billion annually, Fertitta’s buying power is nearly unmatched. Now if that’s not “life changing” we don’t know what is. Fertitta weighs the pros and cons of each small business before pairing up with them.

“It’s really kinda fun,” Fertitta says. “You are seeing the latest, greatest things and edgy things. It’s usually companies that are very small, so when I do business with them it makes a big difference to them. It’s exciting for them and it’s exciting for me.”

So was this whole thing just a case of a billionaire who wanted to get a bit of airtime on a glamorous reality show? Fertitta assures us that is not the case.

“You know it’s a reality show, but it’s a business show,” Fertitta comments. “It’s on CNBC, it’s a business channel and it’s an educational business show. Teachers make their students watch it and it’s fun. It’s a fun show and it’s great for the company. It’s not a drama show, I don’t look stupid. It’s a lot of fun.”

The brand-new 12 episode season premieres 10 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22, and will feature several episodes shot partially at Golden Nugget Atlantic City. Of course it would be difficult to make all of these business decisions on his own, so Fertitta had a bit of help from Golden Nugget’s Director of Advertising and Public Relations Alicia Brown.

While Brown may know her way around the Nugget, reality TV was a whole new world to her.

“I definitely never thought I would have the opportunity to be a part of a reality television show,” Brown says. ‘Billion Dollar Buyer’ really does take a small business to the next level and gives them an opportunity they may have never gotten. It feels really incredible to be part of these companies’ journeys.”

How exactly was she part of the journey?

“I was the marketing consultant with two companies this season,” Brown notes. “I would evaluate the company’s current marketing efforts and overall customer appeal and from there give my opinion on if this is a company that could be compatible with the Landry’s brand.”

Billion Dollar Slots

Can’t get enough of “Billion Dollar Buyer?” Love playing slots? Well, we have some good news for you. The billionaire himself, Tilman Fertitta, is bringing in “Billion Dollar Buyer” slot machines to Golden Nugget Atlantic City. That’s right — now you can try and strike a sweet deal just by spinning the reels. The game will be a three-reel, five-line Double Jackpot Triple Blazing 7’s slot machine. Players will be able to win up to 10,000 credits and go head-to-head with the “Billion Dollar Buyer.” “I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the show and having an impact on these small businesses,” Fertitta says. “Starting a business is always a gamble, and I had to find a way to commemorate this experience at my casinos. Now players can win big against the ‘Billion Dollar Buyer’ at any of the Golden Nugget properties.”

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